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He's Not Toxic Games

Wannn is a player who is never toxic between fellow players, even to his loyal viewers even when he is live streaming.

Recently, in a live broadcast on Nemo TV, Bigtron leader Alpha Renbo praised EVOS Wannn. Having a pleasant personality, Renbo also called Wannn the humblest pro player he knew.

This was revealed by Renbo after seeing some of Wannn’s videos that were sent to his discord. Praising the personality of this pro player from Pontianak, Renbo then called Wannn a Humble figure who was fun to play with.

Renbo admits that Wannn is not only good but a player who is never toxic even between other players and his loyal audience when he is live streaming.

“Among all the pro players, in my opinion, the humblest pro player is Wannn guys. It’s fun to play with, nice and not toxic,” said Renbo.

With years of experience in the pro scene of Mobile Legends, Wannn is known as one of the pro players who is admired by other players.

This professional player whose real name is Muhammad Ridwan is seen playing Mobile Legends and other games with a number of other pro players while live streaming together.

It’s only natural that the frontman of Bigtron Alpha, Renbo, expressed his admiration for Wannn. Based on his experience in the pro scene, Wannn has been in the pro scene first, followed by Renbo after separating from Victim

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