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HBO To Adapt The Last Of Us Into TV Series!

The plot story is so emotional, a myriad of new and interesting things are offered. That’s what can be described with a game called The Last Of Us. Many gamers asked for the game to get an adaptation to the big screen. Sony as the publisher of the game is indeed planning to bring it to the big screen, but there are many obstacles that have made it unrealized until now.

The good news, although not so appointed to the big screen. The Last Of Us was turned into a TV series like The Walking Dead. As reported by the official HBO account, they will be bringing the adaptation of The Last Of Us series. Neil Druckman as the Director of the first and second series of The Last Of Us will be directly involved in working on the project.

HBO itself has not provided a cast list and when the series will air. While waiting, you can play the second game The Last Of Us which will be released on May 29, 2022 for the PS4 platform.

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