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Guilty Gear Strive Fighting Game Announces New Characters and Features!

Via account Twitter their official, Arc System Works has just announced that their fighting game Guilty Gear Strive will get new character DLC and new features that will be released at the end of March 2022. The new character is the 5th and final character for the Season Pass 1 expansion. .

The new character is known as Testament, nicknamed The Elegant Grim Reaper. Testament will later be accompanied by 2 small companions who can turn into a sickle weapon and a black crow.

Testament was once a human, before being operated on and modified into a Gear.

Under the control of the Conclave, they work to revive Justice. However, after the events of the Second Holy Order Selection Tournament, they regained their sense of self. Feeling guilty, they end up hiding in the Forest of Demons, before deciding to protect half-gear Dizzy from human pursuit. Although this started as a way to atone for their sins, it could eventually bring back their human sensibility.

They now live with an elderly couple who once cared for Dizzy. This new life has given them peace of mind, and they are now enjoying their moment of happiness.

Along with the announcement of the new character, Guilty Gear Strive will also get a new stage called White House Reborn. This stage is inspired by the presidential building in the United States with a touch of the Guilty Gear theme.

Along with this, Guilty Gear Strive will also get their last Season Pass 1 content, “Another Story” which is an alternative perspective that highlights many characters who don’t appear in the main story which is planned for release at the end of April 2022.

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