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Guide to Playing Kelly's Character after Awakening 2022 on Free Fire

Kelly is the first character to get an Awakening version in 2022. The character, known as The Swift, does have an unrivaled running ability. Well, in the Awakening version, he got skills to increase damage as much as 110% when running. Of course, this makes Kelly Free Fire getting stronger.

Kelly FF Background

kelly free fire garena

Kelly is Andrew’s stepdaughter, a police officer who is armor specialists. Although a stepdaughter, Kelly had felt lost when her mother and father separated. To cheer herself up, Kelly started practicing running. He even became an athlete with his extraordinary running ability. Often times, he trains accompanied by his friends, Maxim and Misha, who are also characters in the Free Fire game.

One day, Kelly and her two friends were kidnapped and released on an island called Bermuda. Haven’t had time to digest anything, they have been attacked by a group of unknown people. This is the beginning of their fight in the Free Fire match. In their own way, they defend against incoming enemy attacks.

The story of Battle Royale and Kelly Free Fire character himself is very attached to the fictional story that inspired him, namely a film made by a Japanese director—Kinji Fukasaku. Titled Battle Royale, the Japanese government at that time attempted to reduce juvenile delinquency by giving them an arena to fight. Participants are drawn at random and they will be taken to an island where they will kill each other until only one person remains.

In the film, there is a character named Chigusa who is a member of the athlete club at his school. Unlike her friends who were frustrated when they were sent to the island, Chigusa took advantage of her running ability and fought seriously even though she was eventually killed. He had a fight with one of the Battle Royale participants and was attacked using crossbow which permanently injured his cheek.

In terms of background story and detail view, Kelly Free Fire very similar to Chigusa in the movie Battle Royale. A yellow running jacket and pants, a tight necklace around the neck, and a cut on Kelly’s cheek similar to the one on Chigusa. However, the tight necklace around Chigusa’s neck was a bomb that could explode at any moment.

The Changes Kelly Experienced After Awakening

kelly free fire character

If previously ability Kelly Free Fire Garena just running, after Awakening he will also get an upgrade damage by 110% after running for seven seconds. If you buy bundling, you have to prepare 2,600 Diamonds, while the character itself costs 500 Diamonds.

Well, for those of you who already have Kelly, here’s how to get the Awakening version.

Reached a total running distance of 400 km. Don’t be afraid first. Initially this requirement was made 600 km by developers, but because it was considered too time consuming, finally made it to 400 km only. One of the tips to reach that number is to use Classic Mode in Clash Squad. Playing in Ranked Mode is quite risky if your focus is increasing the total running distance.

Kill 200 enemies. This mission can be done in any mode. However, you need to combine skills Kelly Free Fire with skills from other characters to make it easier to kill enemies.

Reached 20 times Booyah. You can get it in any mode except mode custom. After getting 20 Booyah times, your chance to get Kelly’s Awakening version will be even greater, here!

Invite the team to complete 100 games together. You need to make a solid team and play together often. Make sure this mission is also being pursued by your friends, yes, so that they too can benefit from mabar.

Although it looks difficult, it seems that it takes a fairly high flight time to be able to get the Awakening version of Kelly. For those of you who enjoy the game, it never hurts to play a little harder to achieve goals what you want, right? What’s more, you play while honing your skills. So, there is a certain pride after completing the mission and getting rewards rather than having to buy instantly.

The Best Skill Combination You Must Have!

kelly free fire skills

Skills main Kelly Free Fire is Dash or his running speed. From level 1 to 8, here are the addition stats skill-his.

  • At level 1, speed increases by 1%
  • At level 2, speed increases by 2%
  • At level 3, speed increases by 3%
  • At level 4, speed increases by 4%
  • At level 5, the Training Set is unlocked
  • At level 6, speed increases by 5%
  • At level 7, Kelly’s Achievements unlock
  • At level 8, speed increases by 7%

Just like most of the other Free Fire characters, skills main character is to survive or survival. The reason is, Free Fire is basically a Battle Royale, not a war game. So, the last one standing is the one who wins. Even so, you can still use existing weapons to kill attacking enemies. If it’s not really needed, you should just run away to save HP.

That’s why in every character there is always one slot skills the empty one. Well, you can fill the slot with the abilities of other characters that you have. For Kelly herself, for already having movement speed qualified, you should combine it with skills character who has damage tall.

When combined with Caroline who is proficient with weapons shotgun, Kelly will be stronger for close combat. Meanwhile, armor penetration from FF’s hayato character can help Kelly to maintain HP. Besides Caroline and Hayato, you can also combine skills Rafael who can approach the enemy without being caught alias without a sound.

Play Tips Kelly Free Fire

kelly ff karakter character
Source: Youtube.comxcxx

Skills from any player will be more stable when combined with the agile Kelly. This is why, a lot skills other characters that can be used by Kelly such as from Caroline, Hayato, Rafael, and even Miguel.

Besides being combined, here are other tips to get good at playing Free Fire using Kelly.

Pay attention to the minimap

When you run, you don’t pay much attention to your surroundings. Instead, pay attention to the minimap so you are sure where you are running and whether there are enemies around.

train Skills in Classic Mode

This actually applies to all characters. Because there is no drop system ranks, it’s best to use Classic Mode to practice. The good news is that your running distance in Classic Mode will still count towards the Kelly Awakening mission.

Often Mabar

With mabar, you can know which character is the most suitable for the team. In addition, you can reach the number of Booyah faster to get Kelly Awakening. Mabar can also be a way to maintain rank you.

For those who haven’t gotten the Kelly Awakening version, let’s start your mission right now!

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