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GTA Online Gives Every Player Free Money!

Rockstar Games gives players Grand Theft Auto Online little stimulus support during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Team GTA Online announced that they would be giving money to all players who played it during the month of April. The $500,000 will be sent directly to Bank Maze player accounts, although it may take up to seven days to appear. There’s only one small thing Rockstar can do to keep players having fun during these challenging times.

Giving free money to players GTA Online isn’t the only thing Rockstar does to keep players at home. On Thursday, Rockstar also announced the event Arena Wars in GTA Online. Those who participate in Arena Wars will receive 3x the total prize. Those who are just starting out in Arena Wars will receive a 50% discount at the Arena Workshop, as well as other discounts as well.

After what Rockstar did, it shows that their employees are working hard at home. Maybe some of us are wondering if they’re working on the next big Rockstar game, like Grand Theft Auto 6 or other? yeah who knows, maybe right?

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