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GTA 6 Won't Release Before 2025

The name Rockstar Games is synonymous with Grand Theft Auto. This open-world franchise has been with us all for the past two decades. Since the first, Grand Theft Auto has regularly launched a new series within one to three years.

However, this routine has been questioned since GTA 5 was released in 2022. How not, now it has been 8 years since GTA 5 was first launched by Rockstar Games.

Rumors and leaks related to GTA 6

Gta 6 Won't Be Released Before 2025
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In almost a decade, there is no certainty regarding the presence of GTA 6 itself as the latest series of the franchise. Rockstar Games is still busy trying to make money from this last series.

It is undeniable that GTA 5 is still making quite a lot of money for them. It’s no wonder that Rockstar Games has not been interested enough to leave this series and choose to focus on the next series.

Even so, various leaks and rumors related to the presence of GTA 6 can no longer be contained. Especially for the past year, there have been lots of leaks and rumors related to the game.

Won’t be released before 2025

Apart from Rockstar Games who never responded to this news. Talking about this, now there is a news that says that GTA 6 will be released in 2025 as soon as possible.

This news is quite strong considering it has been shared by several industry insiders. It is known that the news about GTA 6 will be released in 2025 came from Tom Henderson, then agreed by Jason Schreier and several other powerful sources.

According to the news, GTA 6 will bring players back to Vice City with a more modern version than before. Rockstar Games is again still reluctant to give a response regarding this speculation.

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