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Gran Turismo 7 Server Down More Than 24 Hours, Players Confused

Server maintenance is a very common thing for games with online services. Whether for repairs, system or content updates, etc.

But when the maintenance which should only last for 2 hours is delayed for more than 24 hours, then of course this starts to make the players worry.

This is exactly what happened to Gran Turismo 7 players. On Thursday, Polyphony Digital announced that they would be carrying out a maintenance update and until now it still hasn’t shown any signs of returning.

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The delay in this update certainly makes players confused and even angry because the maintenance should only last two hours, but until this news was written there was no information.

Gran Turismo’s official Twitter account did provide information that they were extending their server maintenance period due to an issue found in the latest 1.07 update.

Unfortunately, the Gran Turismo also does not provide certainty as to when the maintenance will be carried out. Considering that this is the time when gamers are busy playing Gran Turismo 7.

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