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GIF creator Stephen Wilhite dies of COVID-19

Graphics interchange format or better known as GIF comes as entertainment in itself. Until now, you can still find various GIFs that can entertain yourself or many people.

However, there is sad news coming from the creator of the GIF. Stephen Wilhite as the creator of the GIF is now rumored to have passed away. This information comes from TheVerge which explains that the creator died due to COVID-19.

Stephen Wilhite dies

Gif Creator Stephen Wilhite Dies Due to Covid 19
Stephen Wilhite | Bgnock

Kathaleen as the wife of Stephen Wilhite said that her late husband died at the age of 74 years, which happened last week. Not only came from the family, condolences also came from all over the world.

You can see condolences from fans at here. Many people are grateful to Stephen Wilhite because it has created the Graphics interchange format aka GIF.

Goodbye Stephen Wilhite!

Gif Creator Stephen Wilhite Dies Due to Covid 19
Stephen Wilhite | caknowledge

Contribution from the creator is really very useful for the world. The late started his career at CompuServe in 1980, then quit in the early 2000s. In 2022, Stephen Wilhite won the Webby Lifetime Achievement Award for his GIF extension.

What the creator created will always accompany us forever, now or in the future. We as a team from Halogame offer our condolences and may the bereaved family be given strength. Thank you Stephen Wilhite!

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