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Ghost Games Disbanded, EA returns Need For Speed ​​to Criterion

Need For Speed: Heat

You definitely know about the Street Racing game Need For Speed? Well, recently EA (Electronic Arts) Announced that development of the Need For Speed ​​series will be returned to Criterion Games. This was done because Ghost Games who worked on Need For Speed: Heat were judged to be unable to lift this popular franchise, they were also difficult to find experts in Gothenburg/Sweden. In addition, the large number of developers who understand the Frostbite Engine is also the reason they decided to do this. .

Ghost Games has been disbanded and returned to Criterion Games

Currently EA has disbanded Ghost Games, their office will also be reorganized into the EA Gothenburg office. Some of the developers at Ghost Games will be moved to Criterion Games or another studio. Then for the future, EA Gothenburg will no longer exist as a studio maker gamesBut it will be the support team that will handle the development engine Frostbite.

After EA moves Ghost Games, of course Criterion Games and the former Ghost developer will be appointed and assigned to bring the game the Need for Spee franchised to further development. Criterion Games is also the developer behind the success of the Need For Speed ​​series, such as Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit and Need For Speed: Most Wanted which were so popular a few years earlier.

Well, let’s wait how the development of the next Need For Speed ​​after Criterion Games was assigned to bring the next Need For Speed ​​Franchise, huh!

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