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Get to know the Skill Set and How to Play Franco Mobile Legend, let it be GG!

ML or often people call it Mobile legend is the best game of the many games made by MOBA, there are lots of heroes that you can find in it. Franco mobile legend is one of the heroes in this game, hero franco is very well known for his quite violent character with great physical appearance.

It turns out that it is not surprising that this one hero has quite deadly abilities against opponents. So that his opponents are very easily defeated by him, here is the story of this one hero that you must know.

Fraco himself is a tank type hero who has sufficient strength to disable. This hero can give a counterattack that can kill all the heroes in the game. It turns out that the ability of this hero is widely used by tanker-type mobile legend players.

In this article, we will give you a new insight about the hero franco regarding his phenomenal story. Let’s see our full description below.

The story of Franco Mobile Legends

build franco mobile legendThe story of this character begins when the land of the sea has been frozen for a long time, where the country is very far from the land of dawn. The sea in this country freezes forever and every year the hero franco and his people often feel cold because of the eternal snow.

It turns out that the name of the country where Franco and his people are called Nost Gal. the land of nost gal has a land made of snow ice. There it is indeed very impossible when you want to occupy this country because it has developed into a very peaceful village and has been inhabited by the inhabitants of the sea.

Their daily life is looking for food to support people from their own group who they live in a nost gal country. they live very happily and are very safe from the dangers of threats in the form of wars between nations.

But at one point in the land of nost gal, a group of pirates was being visited by a group of pirates in which the group was led by a hero named bane – bane. He came alone to the territory of their country to destroy and eliminate the peaceful atmosphere that was there. Also at once when Bane suddenly became the ruler of that country.

Of course, from this dangerous incident, Franco’s hero did not stay silent after seeing it. He vowed that he would challenge Bane and his friends to bring back a peaceful atmosphere in the country where he was born. Franco challenges Bane and is determined to destroy him and the pirate group he leads.

Franco wants to recreate that peaceful atmosphere, that’s the only wish of Franco at this time. Of course the dream to bring the nost gal country back to how it used to be is not an easy thing for Franco to do.

First of all, we would like to apologize that this is only the story of Franco Mobile Legend that is available on various internet sites. Franco himself is described by the depiction of a hero who has good qualities, but it is told in his story that there is a hero who destroys the place where he lives, then Franco looks for the strength to take revenge to destroy the evil hero earlier.

It was seen earlier that the hero who destroyed the country where franco lived was Bane, he was a pirate who was told in mobile legend. Of course, the bane pirates are a group of bad people and of course very different from the pirates in the anime one piece, where they are good-natured pirates.

How to Use Hero Franco

how to use franco mobile legendThe role of this hero will be more useful if he is able to get a large number of ganks at the beginning of the game. So in this way, of course the enemy’s team will look far from both in terms of gold and in terms of level. And don’t worry, your team will surely crush the enemy in the blink of an eye.

But there are several techniques that you should know when you want to use this one hero. For the first way you can use it when in the laning phase. Try to pay attention when you are in this phase, there must be a hero who is in place for a few seconds when he has launched his attack.

So at the beginning of the game you can take advantage of this one moment to increase attack speed and strength. Such a pause will be able to provide a time stopping of half to one second for you.

Second, you can use a defensive method called iron hook, it turns out that this technique is not only able to attract par heroes, but also minions. Which forest minions you can also attract into it. When you see the enemy is missing from your sight on the lane, then you better immediately check the location where the red and yellow buffs are located.

Then if your enemy hits you again, you can immediately pull the minion back out of its nest. Because by pulling the minion, your enemies will reset again, in which your minions will return to their previous position. While restoring the life of your team’s hero again, of course this method will make the enemy feel that his resistance is in vain.

Then the third, surely the enemy will know that the iron hook will not be able to be aimed directly at the opponent’s hero, but needs to direct it back to the place where your opponent will move. You can slightly aim your iron hook at the enemy with the right prediction. That’s the article about franco mobile legend, good luck.

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