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Get to know SCAR Free Fire Weapons and Tips to Make It More Deadly

SCAR Free Fire is the most used weapon by novice players. This weapon has a fairly stable performance so that players can use it continuously.

The superiority of the SCAR weapon when viewed from its stats lies in its rate of fire and damage the big one. Range shot is also quite far. However, reload speed and the accuracy of the shot is relatively small. For ammunition, SCAR weapon specifications are quite adequate.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SCAR

scar titan weapon

One of the factors that make SCAR weapons widely used, apart from their stable performance, is that they are easy to find. This weapon is spread all over folder so you don’t need to use Air Drop to get it.

Well, looking at the statistics of this weapon, it can be concluded that the advantages of SCAR can be optimized from rate of fire or the velocity of the bullet towards the target. Because the shooting distance is quite far, this is a distinct advantage. This means that you can shoot enemies quickly without being easily hit back.

However, the drawback of SCAR when used remotely is the lack of accuracy. Therefore, you can add attachments in the form of scope in order to produce the correct shot. Low ability reload speed also worth watching out for even though it is not too influential for long-range combat.

Comparison with Other Weapons

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You can choose various interesting weapons when playing Free Fire. Before deciding, it’s a good idea to compare one weapon with another first. For SCAR Free Fire, there are several weapons that are considered to have balanced abilities. So, which weapon is better?

1. SCAR and XM8

SCAR and XM8 have strengths that are not much different. SCAR has rate of fire and more ammo than the XM8. However, the XM8 excels in terms of speed reload, the level of accuracy, and the distance of the shot. In addition, XM8 has also been equipped with 2x scope so you don’t need to use attachments.

2. SCAR and M4A1

You can also compare SCAR weapons with M4A1. The M4A1’s strength lies in its long shooting range. To increase shooting accuracy, you need to use attachment scope. As fellow Assault Rifle weapons, the two can be compared in terms of speed reload. Here, SCAR still excels.

3. SCAR and M14

Compared to SCAR, is the M14 better? The advantage of the M14 lies in the damage it produces and the long shot distance. Both of these aspects are above average so they are widely used by long range shooters. However, SCAR is superior in terms of rate of fire and magazine. Therefore, if you have to fight at close range, choose a SCAR weapon instead of an M14.

4. SCAR and AUG

Another type of Assault Rifle weapon is the AUG. This weapon is superior in terms of damage generated, ammunition, and reload speed. On the other hand, SCAR Free Fire is better in terms of range and accuracy. So, if there is an enemy at very close range, it is better to use AUG instead of SCAR.

The Best Skins for SCAR Free Fire Weapons

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Choose skin The best SCAR FF weapons are very important to produce a more lethal shot. any kind skin which is available?

1. SCAR Inferno

This skin is available on a limited basis. By using skin SCAR Inferno, you will get additional shooting range. In its basic version, SCAR is mostly used for medium-range combat. Through skin this, you will also get extra damage. It’s just, speed reload speed will decrease.

2. SCAR Aurous Dragon

Price skin The SCAR of Aurous Dragon in the Armory Shop is 60 Diamonds. You can get it from the Lunar New Year Weapon Loot Crate. Excess skin This SCAR is the same as skin SCAR Inferno. However, the weakness lies in the reduced ammo, isn’t it reload speed.

3. SCAR Ultimate Titan

The SCAR Titan skin is one of a kind skin which is available. The price of SCAR Titan Free Fire is 5 Blueprints: Futuristic + 10 Evolution Stones. The advantage is that it adds rate of fire on weapons. Besides that, damage will also increase more. However, the ammunition on the SCAR Titan weapon will be reduced.

4. SCAR Megalodon Alpha

Skins SCAR Megalodon Alpha was first released in January 2022. Advantages skin this is add rate of fire and damage on weapons. However, the reload speed is reduced. In addition, players who have reached Level 7 can add damage while shooting at the helmet and vest.

Tips for Playing SCAR Weapons

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So that you can use SCAR weapons optimally in Free Fire, there are several shooting techniques that can be applied. Learn and use it in the game for more satisfying shooting results.

1. Shot and Drag Technique

One strategy that you can try when using SCAR is to do the technique Shot and Drag. This technique will help you aim your weapon at enemies that are running or moving. Because the performance is very stable, you are not easy to lose enemies.

2. Semi-tapping technique

Another strategy that you can optimize when using SCAR weapons is technique semi tap. The way to do this technique is to press the button to fire for one to two seconds and release it. This method can make recoil keep the gun low and the bullets aim at the target precisely.

3. Release Scope Teknik

scope is a tool that helps you to aim at the enemy more accurately. You can add this tool to the weapon so that the results of the shot are more optimal. Well, the Release Scope technique means releasing scope when damage on the enemy looks starting to decrease. Continue shooting even without scope. This makes damage on the enemy remains great.

Well, here’s a review of the details of the SCAR Free Fire weapon and some tips for using it. Before playing, make sure you have done top up first through UniPin so you can choose skin best. Have a nice play.

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