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Get to know Pharsa Mobile Legend, a Multirole Hero that is Hard to beat

Initially, Pharsa Mobile Legend regarded as hero most annoying by some users. Because, the hero hard to control. In addition, Pharsa is often the target of Assassins with Crowd Control abilities.

But now, Pharsa Mobile Legend 2022 has become a prima donna since getting revamp. Hero This multi-role has unique strengths that can be used in various conditions. Pharsa’s ability to save herself has also increased after revamp.

Amazingly, Pharsa was able to play in mid as domineering lane at the same time be core in offlane. How’s the story? Then, items and skills what supports Pharsa’s strength? Here is a full explanation.

The Sad Story Behind Pharsa’s Power

parsha mobile legends wallpaper

Once upon a time, The Crow became the oldest race living in the Land of Dawn. The leader of the race named Osana with the title Crow King. The Crow King’s ability to lead the race had actually perfected Sky Magic. With this art, Sky Magic users can fly through the air and perform long-range attacks.

Until one day, a princess named Pharsa was born in the kingdom of Crow King. Although Pharsa’s blood type is unknown, the royal family believes this figure has special powers from their race. Pharsa continues to be trained in order to use her powers.

Told in Pharsa Mobile Legend story, hero This married when he was an adult. However, the presence of Blood Demon Queen Alice disrupts Pharsa’s marriage. Because, he brought troops to destroy Askati Forest. Demon Queen Alice also killed The Crow race.

Pharsa—in a state of shock to see the tragedy—accidentally dropped the crown of Osana. Instantly, Pharsa’s appearance changed to that of a hero. He also felt a force move through his veins.

At that moment, Pharsa’s hair all turned white and her eyes slowly dimmed. Pharsa’s blood is now awakened so that she can fly into the sky while releasing magical powers. Finally, with that power, Pharsa was able to repulse Demon Queen Alice’s army.

Despite winning the battle, Pharsa had to lose her sight due to the power fused within her. Pharsa’s future husband feels sorry for Pharsa’s condition. Then, he cast magic so that Pharsa could see again. Since then, Pharsa’s vision has always been connected to her lover’s eyes.

Build Items Hero Pharsa

parsha mobile legends build

Pharsa Mobile Legend build make it even more invincible. Here’s a row items recommended.

Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon is magic items which adds 20—100 Magic Damage to Pharsa. Besides that, items able to provide +10% Cooldown, +300 Mana, and +75 Magic Power.

Magic Shoes

If you want to increase Movement Speed, Magic Shoes become items mandatory for Pharsa. With items In this case, Pharsa gains +40 Movement Speed ​​and 10% Cooldown Reduction.

Glowing Wand

Glowing Wand is items which gives +400 HP, +75 Magic Power, and +5% Movement Speed. For its unique passive, items have an effect burn for three seconds.

Holy Crystal

Pharsa gets additional Magic Power up to +100 when paired with Holy Crystal. Meanwhile, unique passive items can add up to 21-35% Magic Attack as level increases hero.

Ice Queen Wand

Ice Queen Wand is items Pharsa’s defense while in lane. From items this, Pharsa get extra spell vamp and skills slow for the enemy.

Blood Wings

Blood Wings is able to increase the HP and Magic Power of Pharsa’s hero. Each addition of 1 Magic Power, can increase 1.5 HP on the hero. Because of that, Pharsa becomes very strong when wearing items this.

Clock of Destiny

Clock of Destiny increases the attributes of +615 HP, +60 Magic Power, and +600 Mana. cool, items also deals 30 HP and 5 Magic Attack up to 100 times every 30 seconds.

Skills Hero Pharsa

parsha mobile legends skills

Pharsa is often considered underestimated when she is at school classic and ranked match mobile legends. However, since the revamp, skills Pharsa getting effect buff. That is, if you wear skills twice, then in the third version it becomes stronger.

The following skills Pharsa after revamp.

Skills Passive: Spiritual Unity

Pharsa’s passive skill can give stack twice in the first and second use. After revamp, damageits increasing and icon skills changed.

Skills 1: Wings by Wings

Skills 1 can increase Pharsa speed equivalent using spell print. In fact, this ability consists of skills passive and active. Pharsa got skills passive every five seconds.

At that time, Sang .’s pet bird hero Deals 150(+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. This power can cause effects slow to the opponent up to 60% when Pharsa casts basic attack.

Skills 2: Energy Impact

Even though already revamp, skills 2 still gives Magic Energy and releases 350-550(+160% Total Magic Power). That power can cause magic damage to the enemy.

Strength skills 2 increases when combined with skills passive. Damage skills can increase up to 455-715(+208% Total Magic Power).

Skills Ultimate: Feathered Air Strike

Even though I got banned from Moonton, skills Ultimate Pharsa has damage big. Especially if skills this is combined with skills passive, his Magic Power is increasing. In fact, it can give effect immobilize for one second.

Tips for Using Hero Pharsa

Basically, Pharsa is not liked by opponents because it is difficult to chase, slippery, and damageits quite painful. However, many gamer failed to play hero This is because they don’t know how.

For that, you need to apply Pharsa Mobile Legend guide the following in order to overcome various difficulties in games.

  • Maintain a distance. Hero Pharsa has always been the target of an opponent who was hurt because he had been a victim. Instead, stay behind the Fighter or Tank heroes. If pressed, you can use skill 1 to escape to a safe area.
  • Maximize skills 1. Combine skills 1 and 2 to catch the enemy. However, do it in the right conditions, for example when your opponent is dying.
  • finish minion. Let minion life will only hinder Pharsa’s journey to victory. So you have to finish minion at each lane.

This is a brief story Pharsa Mobile Legend and strength that the opponent fears. Come on, use hero Pharsa to grab your win now!

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