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Get Ready, Watch Dogs Will Be Available For Free Next Week on the Epic Games Store!

Watch Dogs will be free on the Epic Games Store starting next week

Apart from Steam, the Epic Games Store certainly doesn’t want to lose about the distribution of ‘Free’ Games in order to pamper and attract the interest of Gamers on their Digital Game Store Platform. Well, in the near future maybe you will be interested in the next game line-up at EGS and one of them includes Watch Dogs.

Yes, you heard right. Recently, Epic Games announced through its Platform page that Watchdogs and The Stanley Parable will be two games which will be available starting next week. In addition, this time EGS also distributed 3 free weekly games that you can claim right now if you are interested, namely Anodyne 2: Return to Dust, A Short Hike and Mutazione.

Watch Dogs On Epic Games Store

Watch Dogs itself is known as one of the best open-world games that has a mix of styles GTA series developed by Ubisoft. Even though there is now a new series of the game, Watch Dogs is still an exciting game to play today. If you are interested in technology and hacking, then you need to try Game Watchdogs which has a hacking or hacker theme.

The reason is that players will be able to hack cars, smartphones, and even CCTV. How interesting isn’t it, GameZeRo friends? Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable later you can claim from 19-26 March. Well, don’t forget to write down the date, so you don’t miss playing these 2 games.

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