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Genshin Impact content leaks, this man arrested and fined 1.1 billion

Genshin Impact was first released in 2022. Until now this game made by MiHoYo is still very popular and has a myriad of fans around the world. Within a year, Genshin Impact has entered patch 1.6.

MiHoYo itself does routinely continue to update patches every few months. Where this patch will contain new content such as maps, characters, events and much more.

Genshin Impact content leaker

Leaked Genshin Impact Content This Man Was Arrested And Fined 11 Billion Rupiah
Genshin Impact | Youtube

Before actually being announced by MiHoYo himself, the contents of this patch often leaked first to the surface. This indirectly makes information related to Genshin Impact known in advance by most players.

Even though MiHoYo himself has not announced this information. This content leak certainly comes from leakers or beta testers who have indeed been allowed by the developer to try their content first.

Of course MiHoYo has banned the leak of this content, but the leakers and beta testers still do it. As a result, it has recently been reported that a man named ‘Uncle Takashi’ has been arrested by MiHoYo for leaking Genshin Impact content.

This man was arrested and fined

Leaked Genshin Impact Content This Man Arrested And Fined 11 Billion Rupiah 1 1
Genshin Impact Forum | Gamebox

Because of this, the man had to pay a fine of CYN 500 thousand or the equivalent of IDR 1.1 billion. According to the post circulating, the beta tester’s house was visited by MiHoYo.

Furthermore, he was also asked to be held responsible for violating the rules by leaking Genshin Impact content without approval. Since the man was unable to pay the fine, he also paid a down payment of CYN 100 thousand or equivalent to IDR 222 million.

This down payment itself comes from the sale of the house and the results of his work as a waiter at a fast food restaurant. Despite all that, we need to remind you that this information is not completely correct.

MiHoYo’s own party has not yet provided their response regarding this news. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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