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Geek Fam Slots Not For Sale! Games

After failing to qualify for the MPL Season 9 playoffs, the MPL Geek Fam slot is said to be on sale ahead of the upcoming MPL Season 10 event. Regarding that, Geek Fam’s Coach, Kyosh, denied the rumors

Geek Fam in several seasons, one of several teams that performed less than optimally so they had to subscribe to not qualify for the MPL playoffs. Due to their poor performance, many said that the fate of Renv and his friends in MPL would end.

Recently, according to Geek coach Fam Kyosh, his team slot for the upcoming MPL Season 10 was not for sale. Kyosh has promised to perform better in the next season, Kyosh said he and the team are ready to give their best performance later.

“Geek Fam slots are not for sale. The point is that it is impossible to sell, we are already preparing for the next season,” explained Kyosh, denying the previous rumors.

Previously, in the live streaming of a number of Mobile Legends players, many said that the Geek Fam MPL Indonesia slot would later be sold to other teams who wanted to take part in the event.

Maybe next season there will be no Geek Fam. I have heard rumors from where, that Geek Fam slot will be sold,Xin explained

Not only talking about rumors of the MPL Geek Fam slot being sold, there are many other rumors saying that MPL Season 10 will have a new team that will compete with eight other teams..

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