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Garena Shell, a Transaction Tool to Make Playing Games More Exciting

What’s that Garena Shell? For those of you who are still new to the game on line like Free Fire or Call of Duty, this term may feel foreign. On the other hand, those who are Survivors (Free Fire players) or Call of Duty and League of Legends players must be accustomed to transacting with Garena Shell.

What is Garena Shell?

Garena Shell FF
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In simple terms, Garena Shell is the currency used in transactions in various games owned by Garena. Players can buy vouchers Garena Shell very easily and legally. Different from diamonds in Free Fire or COD Point in Call of Duty, Garena Shell is flexible because it can be used for several types games.

Initially, Garena Shell was created as a solution for players who wanted to buy items in gamesbut do not have a credit card. Items in the game is very important because it can support the game so that it becomes more exciting. Armed with various items With that, you can complete the mission easily.

You can also get additional benefits from bonuses vouchers provided at certain times. However, Garena Shell cannot be exchanged back into money if the purchase has already been made. Therefore, consider the denomination you want to buy that you definitely need.

How to Top Up Garena Shell

Garena Shell Unipin

Ways you can do to top up Cheap Garena Shell is through UniPin, which is a payment platform for various credits games and digital products. Here are the steps you need to take to top up.

  • Open link website
  • You will see several denomination options available, namely 33, 66, 165, and 330 Garena Shell. Choose according to the required denomination. The price for 33 Garena Shells is Rp. 10,000, 66 Garena Shells are Rp. 20,000, 165 Garena Shells are Rp. 50,000, and 330 Garena Shells are Rp. 100,000.
  • Then, select an available payment channel.

For payment, there are several options that you can choose, namely using vouchers UniPin (UniPin Voucher ID and UP Gift Card), payment on line with OVO, Indodana, UniPin Credits, UP Points, Dana, LinkAja, JeniusPay, Sakuku, True Money, and DokuWallet.

In addition, you can also make payments with virtual transfers account verified automatically, namely through BCA, BNI, BRI, Permata, Mandiri, Danamon, CIMB, and Hana Bank. Or, it could be through Indomaret and Alfamart. Another option is through Internet banking or SMS banking supported by KlikBCA, BCA KlikPay, Mandiri SMS, OCTO Mobile, OCTO Clicks, Maybank, and Danamon Online.

After doing these steps, you will be asked to enter information in the form of an email address. Vouchers Garena Shell will be sent to that email after the transaction is completed.

How to Redeem Garena Shell

Garena Shell Vouchers

After getting vouchers Garena Shell, the next step is to do redeem code or exchange it for balance games which are desired. Well, you can follow these steps.

  • Visit website This is a service top up Garena official.
  • Choose type games the balance you want to add, for example Garena Shell FF.
  • Enter ID and password in the column provided.
  • After loginyou can enter the code vouchers obtained then confirm.

After that, you will immediately get diamonds according to the amount of Garena Shell converted. For the record, 33 Garena Shell will be 77 diamonds66 Garena Shell to 140 diamonds165 Garena Shell to 355 diamondsand 330 Garena Shell to 720 diamonds.

The conversion amount will vary depending on the balance games to be filled. Here, you can also buy vouchers Arena of Valor or COD Point Call of Duty.

Advantages of Using Garena Shell

As the currency commonly used in games managed by Garena, Garena Shell is worth a try. This is another alternative to buy diamonds for Free Fire players or COD Points for Call of Duty players. Then, why should you choose Garena Shell? Let’s take a look at the advantages of using it below.

  • Can be used for all games on Garena

You can use Garena Shell to increase the balance in all game accounts on line managed by Garena, namely Call of Duty, Free Fire, Arena of Valor, Contra: Return, Speed ​​Drifters, League of Legends, and Fantasy Town. So, you no longer need to buy them one by one.

  • The top up process is very easy

Another advantage that you can enjoy is the process top up which is very easy. You just need to buy vouchers on UniPin, without even doing login. Meanwhile, various payment services on UniPin are available, either on line as well as in minimarkets such as Alfamart and Indomaret. After getting the code vouchersyou just need to do redeem according to balance games that you want to add.

  • The number of diamonds you get is more

If you are a Survivors, buy diamonds is one of the obligations in order to play more smoothly. Well, for the same price, diamonds what you will get from the exchange Garena Shell will be more than buying it directly.

For example, if you have a budget of IDR 10,000, you can buy 33 Garena Shells which can be converted into 77 diamonds. Meanwhile, a budget of IDR 10,000 to buy directly diamonds on UniPin only get 70 diamonds.

Another advantage is that Garena Shell vouchers can be saved before you decide on the type games that you want to play. The reason is, there are several types of choices games interesting ones available on Garena. After top up Cheap Garena Shellyou still have time to decide interesting game which will be played.

Well, here’s a brief review of Garena Shell what you need to know. If you’re a fan games managed by Garena, bought vouchers Garena Shell is mandatory. What are you waiting for, immediately enjoy an exciting gaming experience now at Garena!

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