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Games That Make You Forget Time, MMORPG Lovers Must Try Rise of Nowlin

Success and fame in neighboring countries, from Singapore, Malaysia, to the Philippines, Rise of Nowlin be one games that must be tested by Indonesian MMORPG fans. In fact, many exciting things are offered by the application developer 8 Elements from China, starting from the graphic display, gameplay, up to character. So, it’s only natural that players are complacent when playing it.

Then, it was this fact that prompted Dunia Games to immediately bring this game to the local market without hesitation. Want to know more details?

Elements of Fun in Rise of Nowlin

rise of nowlin gameplay

Officially released on Thursday, February 20, 2022, this MMORPG has been widely reviewed by players, reviewers, as well as experts games. As a result, they agreed that this game deserves thumbs up. Let’s check one by one the fun elements!

Delivering an Impressive Story

The story begins when Star Sour of Nowlin threatened by the presence of a dark ether named Asados. In a short time, the lives of all beings are in danger because of it. By exerting all his might, the god was able to seal Asados. However, it didn’t last long as Asados ​​managed to escape and hide to destroy again Star Sour of Nowlin. As a result of the many misleading clues regarding the extermination of Asados, chaos ensues in the living order of the inhabitants Star Sour of Nowlin. In the end, two warring groups of fighters were created, namely Light Camp or Dark Camp.

This point is the point of excitement games because the player must be able to determine his own strategy and destiny by choosing one of the two camps. Remember! Your choices will affect the course of future PvP, GvG, and PvE.

Pamper Gamers Indonesia

Why indulge? Most games from outside developers use a foreign language of instruction in it, especially for the narrative of the storyline. Although there are MMORPGs that perform language localization, it is generally done after games started to be played. However, not with this one game. Players have been spoiled with Indonesian audio throughout quest since the game was first brought by Dunia Games. This certainly adds to its own enjoyment for players. In addition to being able to understand the battle better, players also sharpen a sense of nationalism when playing it.

Satisfy Desire Hadrcore Gamers

Rivalry is a fixed price for someone gamer true. It can be found in this game. Even though your opponent is a sultan who is able to fill diamonds to tens or hundreds of millions, you don’t have to back down. Because, Rise of Nowlin gameplay don’t just rely on in-house purchases games for upgrade strength of character. There are many other ways, such as diligently playing in the game quest and events special prize.

Furthermore, the battle can still be won by bringing the team together, skills fighting, and factional solidity. So, ready to enjoy the PvP mode in this game endlessly?

Stunning with Visuals

Playing is even more fun if it is accompanied by a classic, firm, and real 3D graphic display. This is what 8 Elements provides for its players. At a glance, view games this will remind you of old school classic MMORPGs, such as Age of Wushu, Perfect World, and so on.

This classic visual is sure to bringfeel” for certain players, especially those who were PC gamers.

Offers Variety of Features

Want to go shopping items at a discounted price? Want to sell equipment rare? Or, want to find a comrade in arms during the adventure? Everything can be done in this game. Just learn various feature Rise of Nowlin existing ones, such as mall, market, sale, adventure, events, welfare, guild, honor, and others.

Already understand the excitement of this game? It’s time, find out how to play Rise of Nowlin.

Play Tips

rise of nowlin . feature

Anyone, including you, will have a hard time and need adjustments if you have to play games new. Therefore, it never hurts to apply the following four important tips.

  1. Choose hero class according to your playing style. For information, there are five classes that you can choose from in this game, including Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Priest, and Archers. Each class has a different role. For example, if you prefer to fight from a distance, class Archer is the most appropriate for you.
  2. do it Play Quest most preferred. When you play in this mode, the chance to get gold get bigger so the power increase equipment-you get faster.
  3. Join Guilds. That way, you can freely buy items in Guild Shop to increase the strength status of your character.
  4. Finish Nowlin Adventure every time login. Not only Quest which gives a bonus gold, Nowlin Adventure also.

Don’t have enough time to do the four things above? You can take the fast way, that is top up.

Guide Top Up

how to play rise of nowlin

To do top up game can be said as the seriousness of a gamer in play. This of course can not be separated from the features premium which can only be accessed by accounts that have made purchases diamonds. The reason is, the game becomes more exciting if all the features can be used. Games this itself applies the concept of the game pay-to-win, it means the developer sells various kinds items in games which can be used by players to increase the stats of several characters level up instantly. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do top up if you want to quicklyupgrade character hero yours.

One of the easiest ways to do top up Rise of Nowlin is via UniPin, a platform digital content providers including top up game online trusted.

  1. Visit the official purchase page diamonds Rise of Nowlin, that is Pay and Play Asia. You can also visit website UniPin which will then be directed directly to the page Pay and Play Asia.
  2. Login by using your registered account or Facebook account. Then, search games who want to top up.
  3. Select Indonesia for the country of origin.
  4. Select UniPin for the payment method.
  5. Select the desired denomination. Usually, you can buy 75 diamonds (equivalent to IDR 10,000.00) up to 7990 diamonds (equivalent to IDR 1,000,000.00).
  6. Choose channel payment (UniPin).
  7. Insert e-mail and password your UniPin account for login.
  8. Write down the security code.
  9. Press the confirm button. After that the transaction is complete. Wait until diamonds purchased enter the account game-your!

Already top up account Rise of Nowlin yours? It’s time, you buy skins, mounts, and upgrade items weapon.

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