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Gameplay becomes Deadly With These 5 Mobile Legends Heroes Games

In MOBA games like Mobile Legends, you basically need a strong hero. Hero selection must be based on compatibility with the current meta. As is the case in Mobile Legends today, this latest patch carries a much more varied meta.

Then there is the latest designation for the current patch, namely meta tank. There are a lot of upgraded tank heroes like Grock in this meta. As a result, the increase in the reputation of the tank hero will also affect the selection of heroes in other lines to complete the perfect composition in a team.

On this occasion, we will provide 5 suitable heroes to build a deadly team in the latest meta. Who are they?

Hero Mobile Legends that makes gameplay deadly

1. Hylos (Roamer)

Hylos is the right choice to fill the space as a roamer. Hylos has relatively hard armor and a lot of HP. Movement speed that supports rotational movement. Not to mention a series of skills that are very useful in various situations such as ganking or teamfight.

In addition, Hylos’ ultimate skill is very useful for starting a war. Because the path that comes out of the ultimate Hylos can increase movement speed and HP regeneration when on track. In addition, the ultimate move can be used for escaping when you lose the war can be used to escape if you lose the battle.

2. Cecilion (Midlaner)

Mid lane is very suitable to be filled by Cecilion because he has deadly skills and ultimates. A powerful hero in this late game, which the opponent must watch out for. The more stacks you have, the more the damage will also increase. Therefore, when the game is late, many opponents are wary of its appearance.

Not to mention when Cecilion is attacked from close range, there is an ultimate that makes him able to get a healing effect. In addition, there is a movement speed when an opponent tries to approach Cecilion, the bus can still maintain a distance.

3. Grock (Explaner)

The latest patch released by Moonton really pushes the deadly Grock exp lane. Grock has basics like Hero tanks or roamers, but the latest patch changes the Hero as a resident of the exp guard to watch out for.

The damage from his skills and ultimates is very painful and can even cause enemy heroes to die instantly. This latest meta-tank makes it difficult to fight when facing on the lane or when the war is in progress

4. Popol & Kuppa (Goldlaner)

Popol & Kuppa is the answer to the Gold lane affair. Popol & Kuppa is one of the deadly marksman heroes and makes it difficult for the opposing team. Each skill has an effect that plays an important role in combat. Skill 3 that puts a mine can tell the whereabouts of the opponent’s hero if you want to hide in the grass. Skill 2 can give a stun effect when the opponent’s hero is in the vicinity.

Skill 1 can deal damage according to the desired target. His ultimate can add more painful damage and a much faster attack speed. This means Popol & Kuppa is one of the best marksman in the latest patch at this time.

5. Baxia (Jungler)

The final list is from Hero Tank, who changes his job to jungler. The latest meta currently makes Hero Baxia a threat to the opposing team. The armor on it is very hard and the damage that Baxia has is deadly. Baxia also has the Skill to turn it into a spinning wheel that aims to rotate easily.

In addition, Baxia also has periodic ultimate damage. When activated, this hero can open war well, therefore Baxia is the right choice of jungle hero for the current meta tank.

There are many heroes to choose from who will fill their respective lanes. However, the 5 heroes above are the right choice of heroes to build a team, so the gameplay becomes deadly.

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