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Game World Of Warship Introduces Ship from Indonesia, Fleet Siliwangi

The new patch from World Of Warship, Lunar new year, introduces new Asian ships such as VIII Wukong, VII Southern, IX Bajie, and Easthern Dragon. There is another ship that has attracted the attention of World Of Warship players, especially Indonesian players, namely the presence of a ship with the name Siliwangi Fleet.

Through the World of Warship Youtube channel, Siliwangi was introduced along with its history and specifications.

Complete information about the Siliwangi Fleet can also be checked on the World of Warship website. You can check it out here. According to the page, you can buy this ship for Rp. 602,333.

In addition, you can also buy Siliwangi Fleet through Mythical Bundle Pack which contains 5 ships which also include the Siliwangi Fleet. So are you guys ready to buy and try this pretty expensive boat?

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