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Game with Cool Characters and Storyline

Square Enix has a reputation for being publisher quality games. Some of them are the Final Fantasy franchise, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, and so on. Its latest release, a game called Life Is Strange 2, offers quality that is not inferior to the previous popular games from Square Enix.

This game is a sequel to its predecessor, titled Life Is Strange and is the result of the creation of the developer Dontnod Entertainment. On PC devices, you can play this game on various platforms. Not only for Windows computer users, this game is also available for Linux and MacOS lovers.

Don’t rush to download Life Is Strange 2. Before downloading this game, it’s a good idea to read the full review as follows. Next, you can decide to download and play it or not. That way, you will not be disappointed when playing.

Storyline Life Is Strange 2

life is strange 2 steam

This game is an adventure-themed game with a third-person perspective. You play as a teenager named Sean Diaz. The situation is quite different compared to Life Is Strange which presents the main character Max Caufield with his power that can turn back time.

Sean’s adventures in this game will be accompanied by his younger brother, Daniel. Here, Daniel is described as having the power of telekinesis which cannot be controlled properly.

Despite having a role as the main character, Sean is not a character who has supernatural powers. Sean is just an ordinary teenager who is in the wrong situation, resulting in himself being a fugitive from the police.

In his escape attempt, Sean discovers that his younger brother has extraordinary supernatural powers. In an incident, Daniel’s mysterious power causes Sean to lose one of his eyes.

Sean takes Daniel on a trip from Seattle to Mexico. Living as a minority and accompanied by a younger brother who has mysterious powers, Sean must get involved in various unfortunate situations.

You have complete control over every decision Sean makes. There is no right or wrong decision in this game. However, before making a decision, make sure you observe the surrounding situation and collect complete information first.

Life Is Strange 2 gameplay offers an opportunity for you to build your own adventure scenario. You need to make sure that Sean and Daniel are able to survive the bad situations.

Through the story in this game, you can feel how hard the life of minority teenagers in the United States is. You will face racists, work illegally, face religious sects, have a strange mother, and be chased by officers.

All those experiences make this game offer a very interesting story to follow. Interestingly, you don’t only get a tense atmosphere while playing the game. There are also fun and relaxing moments that you can do. Some of these moments include when Sean is friends with an artist, spending time camping in the open, or playing hide and seek.

In general, this game has many valuable life messages. You can feel the close family relationship between Sean and Daniel. At the same time, you can honestly know the harsh living conditions of both of them.

Game Characters Life Is Strange 2

life is strange 2 gameplay

This game is divided into five episodes. In each episode, you will face so many characters. Who are they? Apart from Diaz and Daniel, you will find the following characters:

1. Episode 1 Roads

  • Esteban Diaz. This character is the biological parent of Sean and Diaz. Esteban became a victim of police shooting and has died. He is described as an honest man and hails from a place called Puerto Lobos in Mexico.
  • Lyla Park. This woman is a good friend of Sean. Many people accused Sean and Daniel of being murderers. However, Lyla thought that her best friend was innocent.
  • Brett Foster. Neighbors of Sean and Daniel. This character has a bad relationship with Sean and Daniel. In fact, Brett is known as someone who likes to bully Daniel.
  • Officer Kindred Matthews. Police officers who witnessed the fight between Brett and Sean. In the game’s story, Matthews sees Sean as the one to blame. In fact, he brandished a gun which made the situation even worse.
  • A female dog character that Sean and Daniel meet on the run.
  • Doris Stamper. Old woman working at gas station.
  • Hank Stamper. Doris’ husband who had a confrontation with Sean and Daniel. He is one of the characters that makes Sean experience various unpleasant events.

2. Episode 2 Rules

  • Claire Reynolds. The old woman who is the grandmother of Sean and Daniel. Claire is described as a charitable and religious figure.
  • Stephen Reynolds. Grandfather of Sean and Daniel. He is best known as the retired former Beaver Creek police chief.
  • A street musician who became Sean’s friend while at Beaver Creek.
  • This character becomes Sean’s traveling companion when he travels by train.
  • Corrupt police officers who are referred to as deputy sheriffs.

3. Episode 3 Wastelands

  • This character is known to have a quiet nature and is used to being rude to people he just met. He is Cassidy and Finn’s traveling companion.
  • You will find that Penny is a person who likes conspiracy theories. This character is one of the characters who become friends with Finn and Cassidy.
  • He is a worker in a marijuana plantation area. His existence has a big role in Sean’s journey.
  • This woman often speaks in English and Swedish. He is known as a tourist from Malmo.
  • Ingrid’s husband who is both from Malmo. Together with Ingrid, Anders works in a marijuana garden.
  • The boss of the marijuana plantation where Sean and Daniel work. He is described as a black man who gets angry easily.

4. Episode 4 Faith

  • This man was one of the nurses who took care of Sean while in the hospital. Joey has the appearance of a nice guy who treats Sean kindly.
  • Agent Maria Flores. An FBI agent assigned to the Sean case.
  • Chad and Mike. Both are farmers, which makes Sean’s problems even more complicated.
  • Sarah Lee Hackerman. This beautiful woman is the sister of Jacob and is a member of a church in Nevada.

5. Episode 5 Wolves

  • Arthur and Stanley. Both are a gay couple who joined the Away community.
  • Jean Marcus. Away member who is known as Karen’s best friend.
  • Madison and Luke Wright. A vigilante duo always trying to stop Mexican immigrants at the border.
  • Patrick Campbell. Arizona police officer who arrested Sean and Daniel.

Where to Download and Specs for Life Is Strange 2

download life is strange 2

The computer specifications that you need to prepare to play this adventure game are not too high. You can use a computer with an Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD Phenom X4 945 processor supported by a VGA GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD 7770. Also, make sure that your computer has at least 4 GB of RAM.

For those who want to download Life Is Strange 2, you can choose per episode or the whole. You can get it on Steam for a relatively cheap price. Steam sells per game episode for IDR 69,750. If you want to buy the game as a whole, prepare a fund of IDR 279 thousand.

When buying this game, make sure that you have sufficient Steam Wallet balance. If not, you can use a UniPin Voucher to top up. Besides being able to be used to buy this game, there are also many other interesting game choices that you can download on Steam.

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