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Full Review of Nikita Free Fire, Beautiful Bodyguard Who is Good at Reloading

There are many female characters that you can choose from when playing in Free Fire, one of which is Nikita. Nikita Free Fire is described as a bodyguard with attractive appearance. Although at first glance it looks innocent and innocent, Nikita actually carries out her role naturally and professionally. He can also be aggressive to finish off the enemy in the middle of the battlefield.

This 22-year-old figure has the main task of protecting and protecting Caroline, the daughter of a high-ranking Free Fire organization. Initially, Nikita was a sharpshooter in school who had honed abilities and trained wits. He infiltrated the Free Fire organization to achieve a hidden goal.

Nikita’s Strengths and Weaknesses

nikita free fire

One of Nikita’s inherent advantages is the ability to reload weapons very quickly. He is known as skills which is called Firearms Expert. Skills This passiveness makes Nikita very dangerous for the opposing party, especially when competing one-on-one.

Nikita is clearly superior because he can finish off opponents in an instant. When the opponent is busy reloading bullets into the weapon, you can kill him quickly.

Skills This is different in each level of the game. At level 1, Nikita’s ability to do reload will increase 4% faster, level 2 will increase up to 8%, level 3 will increase up to 12%, and max increase up to 24%. Meanwhile, bodyguard set will unlock at level 5.

In addition to advantages, Nikita also has weaknesses. It turns out, Firearms Expert this can only be practiced if Nikita carries an SMG type weapon. However, you can still use other weapons like Sniper Rifle or Assault Rifle without activating skills.

Because they can only use their abilities on one type of weapon, opponents can easily guess the playing strategy used. When using SMG, the strategies used are usually familiar. This is a point of advantage for the opponent.

Best Combo of Nikita Characters

nikita free fire skills

When using Nikita as a character in the Free Fire game, you need to support it with a combination of other characters. Well, the best combo for sang bodyguard This beauty is as follows:


Players must be familiar with this one character. A member of the elite squad, Miguel has the advantage of changing kill to be EPs. Well, with Miguel and Nikita doing a lot kill with the weapon, you can also get a lot of EP. This condition makes your team invincible in battle.


Another character that is suitable to be paired with Nikita Free Fire is Andrew. The main ability of this character is to be able to strengthen vest up to a maximum of 12%. Vest useful as protection from damage due to enemy attacks. Skills This type of passive is needed by Nikita, who usually ignores her surroundings because she is busy carrying out attacks on enemies.


Nikita can also be paired with Maxim the mushroom eater. In addition to eating mushrooms quickly to get HP, the use of the Maxim character will reduce the time of using medkits. This ability will support Nikita to act without fear of losing HP when fighting.

Interesting Facts about Nikita Free Fire

nikita free fire abilities

Knowing the background of the character to be played will make the game more exciting. In addition, you can also get to know this character better and can use it optimally. Well, there are some interesting facts about Nikita that you need to know.

Youth and Achievement

One of the facts you can know from this bespectacled girl is that she is still very young. At the age of 22, he already has perfect abilities and a good career as a bodyguard a great organization. In fact, he is trusted to take care of the daughter of the owner of Free Fire because of his ability.

Mysterious Motivation

Up to level 7, Nikita’s motivation to join the Free Fire organization is still mysterious. You will be able to unlock it after completing the previous levels. However, all the things he did when he became bodyguard Caroline is always in touch with the goals she wants to achieve.

Past As A Sniper

Before joining the Free Fire organization, Nikita had a past as an air rifle sniper. This is what makes him more trained to shoot quickly and precisely.

Tips for Playing with Nikita’s Character

nikita free fire character

When using Nikita Free Fire character, there are some tips that you can apply to win the battle. Here are some of them:

Don’t fall for the Reload Ability

One of the things you need to be aware of when choosing Nikita in the game is lulled because skills which he has. Ability reload This very fast can make him ignore the atmosphere around him. As a result, if attacked by an enemy who has the ability Silent Killeryou can experience damage big.

Play Aggressively

Nikita’s character is very suitable for players who are aggressive in attacking. It can advance on the battlefield without fear because it can load bullets quickly. Therefore, Nikita’s role in the team must be clear, namely bombarding the enemy with SMG fire. Please note, the higher the level of the game, the more dangerous Nikita’s abilities will be.

Increase Ability Level

To be more effective using Nikita Free Fire skills, you have to level up his abilities quickly. The trick is to use this character frequently in the game. Fragment collected from the results of the game will make the level quickly increase.

Choose Best Combo

Nikita can be used in solo play or joined in a squad. Well, if you want this character to be more effective in battle, don’t choose the wrong combination. Make sure the character has skills capable of doing back up against Nikita’s weakness.

After knowing the ins and outs of Nikita Free Fire, are you more interested in using it in games? With this character, you will be able to get a satisfying playing experience. What are you waiting for, download Free Fire now and start playing. Previously, make transactions on UniPin to buy gems and get bundle Nikita.

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