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From Skill to Build, These are Tips for Playing Cecilion in MLBB!

Introducing yourself with a nuanced quote romance, Cecilion Becomes hero mage MLBB with magical skills powerful against the opponent. Together with his lover, Carmilla, he is also able to bring up skills interactive with enormous effects. In fact, Cecilion and Carmilla became a couple hero The first one designed by Moonton, the developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Cecilion at a glance

cecilion build

Cecilion known as The Greatest Opera Singer of the Southern Empire. He comes from the nation Blood Demon in Avalor who initially served as opera actor and singer, entertainer of the human race.

Cecilion’s background is sad. When he was little, the nation Blood Demon always hunted by humans. Cecilion, who tried to hide his true identity, became the only race that survived into adulthood. He also covered his magical abilities by bringing out his talents as an opera performer.

One night, Cecilion finds Carmilla sitting in the stands. Even though the girl was from the human race, Cecilion had a deep feeling that Carmilla would become his true love. He often sings a special hymn to Carmilla on certain nights. Cecilion was determined to display his true form as Blood Demon to the woman he admired.

However, the fate of the mortal world was not on their side. Blood Demon considered unable to partner with a human. What’s more, Carmilla has been betrothed by Baron Tawil which will not actually make the girl happy.

A heartbroken Cecilion intends to run away from Avalor. Unfortunately, he found Carmilla had died by slicing her own vein. It was then, he decided to transform that girl into a nation Blood Demon until they become a couple hero the first that can complement and strengthen each other in every battle.

Skills and Characteristics of Cecilion

cecilion skills

Before discussing further about skills which are owned Cecilionit helps you know in advance the main characteristics of hero mage this. At the beginning of his appearance, the hero has been provided with the amount stat following:

  • HP: 2425
  • MOBILE PHONE Regen: 32
  • Where: 700
  • Where’s Regen: 35
  • Magic Defense: 15
  • Physical Defense: 23
  • Physical Attack: 105
  • Movement Speed: 255
  • Attack Speed: 0.5

Besides basic stats on, Cecilion ML also has a number of skills amazing, including passive and ultimate skills.

1. Passive Skill: Overflowing

Every time skillsit hits the opponent, passive skill Overflowing would give Cecilion an additional 10 mana. Skills This passive is what makes him stronger from the middle to the end of the fight.

2. Ultimate Skill: Bats Feast

As skills main, Bats Feast will add 60% movement speed when activated. Skills this will also make Cecilion immune to enemy attacks that slow down his movement. Otherwise, Bats Feast able to attack the opponent with a 40 . shot blood energy and slows its movement by 3% for one second.

3. Bat Impact

When activating Bat ImpactCecilion launched a giant bat attack in a certain direction which would result in magic damage on every enemy in his path. You can use skills This is to threaten the opposing team’s area during the chase session. Even so, you should not spend it continuously because it will reduce the amount of Mana significantly.

4. Sanguine Claw

Skills this allows Cecilion to create a pair of claws Sanguine which can gather the opposing team in one area, then attack them simultaneously from the middle. Sanguine Claw is crowd control skills Cecilion’s that worked effectively for a second.

Recommendation Build for Cecilion

cecilion mobile legends

Cecilion can use an array items with magical power to maximize basic stats which he has. Here are some recommendations Cecilion build which can produce the best effect:

Clock of Destiny

Clock of Destiny serves to increase HP by 30 points and an additional 5 points magic power periodically every 30 seconds. If it reaches 10 stack, items this will also add +300 Mana and 50% magic power.

Demon Shoes

Demon Shoes is items useful that can support Cecilion’s attacking nature. Moment items it is installed, sang hero will get extra Where’s Regen at a time Movement Speed start from the beginning of the game. So, you don’t have to worry about losing Mana anymore to issue a line skills superior.

Glowing Wand

Glowing Wand will give additional HP, magic powerand movement speed for Cecilion. However, what was most beneficial was the effect burn built-in that can expand levels damage to the enemy until it reaches 4% of the target’s maximum HP.

Holy Crystal

Mainstay of all hero mage, Holy Crystal can improve magic power Cecilion by 25% and an additional 15% when the hero land skillstowards the enemy.

Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon is items which matches well with Clock of Destiny. The combination of the two will produce passive and additional effects magic power and magic damage which can paralyze the enemy in an instant.

Game Guide: Tips for playing Cecilion

how to play cecilion

If you’re still looking for the best way to play Cecilionsome of the following tips can be used as a guide:

  • Cecilion Mobile Legends suitable for use hero main to attack. You can do spam towards the enemy continuously by using Bat Impact. Apart from producing damage the strong one, skills It can also attack enemies at a considerable distance.
  • Focus on continuing to add where the hero. This strategy will make passive skillsit works more optimally. Because, Overflowing which became Cecilion’s passive ability will add power which is as big as where which he has.
  • Since Cecilion has long range attack ability, you can guard hero it’s in a safe position. Don’t forget to keep your distance from enemies who feel threatening by avoiding dangerous positions.
  • If you end up in a position of urgency and less profitable, immediately remove it Bats Feast skills so that Cecilion could confront the enemy. Skills it generates damage large and can instantly kill opponents quickly. Cecilion’s HP will also be given regeneration every time Bats Feast

That’s the review about mage Cecilion which can be one top-tier heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. You can get hero this by collecting 24,000-32,000 Battle Points or buy it directly with a price range between 499-599 Diamonds.

If you pay attention skills and build base you have, Cecilion you can make hero qualified single. However, if you expect even more power, there’s nothing wrong with juxtaposing hero this is with her lover, Carmilla who owns skills no less strong. Whatever your strategy when playing, make sure hero what you choose can be optimized well, yes!

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