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Free Fire Pets That Can Make You Look Cool and Win!

Before going into the discussion of pets in this game, it’s a good idea for you to know how to get these pets. You can buy these pets using Diamonds. there are those that cost 100 diamonds, not infrequently there are those that reach quite expensive prices!

You can also get the Pet through Gold Royale at Lucky Royale. After you buy the pet you want, you can name the pet yourself. Well, the pet itself is not solely for sweeteners. he also has a special ability to find some rare items and also help defeat opponents.

Here are some Pets in the Free Fire game and also the skills they have!

1. Spirit Fox


This pet is a Fox animal that can help you defeat enemies, not only that, Spirit Fox also helps you use Medkits and speeds up treatment.

2. Shiba


You have the soul of the bars? You can use this Pet named Shiba. Shiba is a robot dog that has cool skills. Which can detect mushrooms, now these mushrooms are used to be used when outside the zone.

3. Panther


Panther is a pet that has special skills to add your weapon storage. Suitable for those of you who like to loot without thinking about your belongings.

4. Robo


And finally there is Robo. This robo has a special skill that can make Gloo Wall stronger. The advantage makes Gloo Wall difficult to destroy.

Those are some Free Fire Pets that make you look cool and of course have their own advantages.

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