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Forgot to Use Denuvo Protection, Doom Eternal Breaks In Hours After Release!

Doom Eternal was hacked due to forgetting to use denuvo protection on the first day after it was released

Doom Eternal is a new FPS game made by Bethesda Softwork which has recently been officially launched on several platforms, One of which is PC and is the most awaited game by gamers. However, just one day after its release, the DOOM Eternal game was reported to have been directly hacked by the famous cracker team, namely CODEX in a matter of hours.

Due to Bethesda’s negligence, the DOOM Eternal game can be played for free. It is known that the CODEX team managed to break into the DOOM Eternal game easily because Bethesda forgot to install Denuvo protection for the .exe file in the version of the DOOM Eternal game.

Doom Eternal Denuvo Cover

Unfortunately, however, it was too late for Bethesda to fix the problem and make whatever Bethesda paid for the protection wasted. Because CODEX already saved the .exe file without Denuvo before Bethesda updated the game on the site.

Previously Bethesda had also done the same thing, where they also forgot to install Denuvo protection on the Rage 2 game so that the game was immediately hacked shortly after the crackers realized this.

For your information, Doom Eternal is currently available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia platforms. However, the Switch version is still in development.

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