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For Kaian Players Must Know Terms in Mobile Legends Games

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a mobile game Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) which is very popular especially in Indonesia. Despite all that, there are still many terms that the players don’t know.

Therefore, in this discussion, we collect information from various sources and combine them into one. So for those who are still confused with some of these terms, they can easily understand them later.

Instead of being curious, consider the following brief explanation about terms in mobile legends what you need to know right away. So that at least the players are not confused when chatting with their playmates

Some Terms in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Health Point (HP), is an important element that must be understood. This term represents the amount of blood of each hero. For its own location right above the head.

Usually, Characters like Marksman and Mage usually have a little HP. Where does this make sense when compared to tank or fighter heroes who have more HP


This is almost the same as HP which is located above the hero’s head. the difference lies in the function. Mana is the unit used to activate various hero skills.

Therefore, every hero who uses mana really needs it. So that the active skill can be used. If HP runs out, the player will die, in contrast to Mana, if the bar indicator is empty, players only need to return to base to fill it up again.

Basic Attack

Basic attack is the basic movement of the hero when attacking the opponent. Here you don’t need any Mana at all.

However, there are some that require it if activated. One of them is the marksman hero, Hanabi. The basic attack itself is divided into melee and ranged attacks.


In addition to Basic Attack, the developer also inserts a unique skill in each hero. There are two categories of skills, namely passive and active.

Passive skills themselves do not need to press certain buttons. Unlike active skills, where players have to press a button for 3 skills to respond.


Cooldown or commonly known by the acronym CD, is the time it takes to recover active skills that have been used. So every player using a skill cannot immediately use it again.

Because you have to wait a few seconds, until the time returns to normal. Restoring the CD time is quite long usually to get around this it takes a few items that can make it faster.


item or more easily called a weapon (weapon). Used by players to increase damage, HP, mana, speed, etc.

Therefore, every hero must have a build item to become stronger. The method itself is easy, just visit the shop menu and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Lane is a path provided by the developer. Usually every game MOBA have the same term in this regard.

There are three types of lanes that you should know. First Top Lane, Mid Lane, and Bottom Lane. Each path has a different function.


Buff is a term used to increase the skill and status of a hero. So every monster in the game can have an effect on the character used by the player.

Here you will find Gold Buff, Purple Buff, Red Buff, Turtle and Walkie Grass. Each monster has a different effect if it manages to kill it.

Macro and Micro

Micro skills usually focus on the mechanics or skills of the player. Where you can learn about some heroes specifically or in detail.

Macro skills is the player’s ability to master the entire game. Whether it’s understanding the right rotation/roaming, initiation to other strategies in an effort to win the match

Core and Side laner

Core is the hero who leads the team or spearhead of a team. Usually they are always protected by tanks or support, so they can become stronger quickly.As for the sideliner itself, it is another name for players who fill the Top Lane and Bottom Lane. Now better known as Exp Lane and Gold Lane.

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