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For Beginners, This is a Playable CSGO Map

Folder or a map is an image that shows the location of a place in an area. Folder in the CSGO game is the location that will be used by the players to fight. The place is designed like in the real world so that players can experience real.

There are about 18 folder contained in the CSGO game. Each folder These CSGOs have different levels of difficulty for players. This is due to the conditions in the area. Beginner players need to learn folder that are in CSGO and play in folder the most controlled.

CSGO Map for Beginners

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A total of 18 folder CSGO is divided into three categories, namely Active Duty Map Pool, Reserve Map Pool, and Hostage Rescue Maps. You don’t need to learn everything folder exists to be an excellent player. However, beginners at least mastered some folder below in order to play well.


Mirage is one of the folder Popular CSGO among players. Folder with Bomb Defusal mode it is often played in games on line regular or during competitions between professional players. The location is like a city in the Middle East, but with the architectural design of the buildings moroccan style.

One of the advantages folder Mirage is relatively simple. Thus, the strategy used when playing does not need to be too complicated. On folder In this, players can rely on grenades to break down enemy defenses. However, Mirage is said to be more friendly to the Counter-Terrorists (CT) group.


Inferno is folder classic that is in CSGO. Gameplay This corridor-based system has evolved over the years. Folder Inferno is historically viewed from the CT side. Here, the CT and T parties fight for the most strategic location. Commonly used weapons are grenades and Molotov cocktails.

Things you need to pay attention to when playing in folder Inferno is a very crucial battle equipment, “Banana” is a key area, and position respawn nearest can secure “Banana”. By knowing these facts and doing them, you stand a chance to win at folder Inferno.

Dust 2

Dust 2 is folder others in CSGO that are suitable for beginners. The most dynamic part of this map is the Mid area. There are three points to enter the bomb area and three paths that can be passed. Layout in the gameplay arranged in a balanced manner so that each team gets the same advantage.

Map Dust 2 has beenremake with style visuals from games Overwatch. Because of this, it looks brighter and comes with some new elements.


Folder Overpass is also one of the folder in CSGO which is chosen by many novice players. On folder In this case, the benefits obtained by both CT and T are balanced so that match fun going on.

Folder Overpass was released in 2022 along with the Cobblestone map. There are several paths that can be chosen by T to get to the locations of bombs A and B. However, rotation from the CT side can also come quickly. Overpass can be CSGO training map for beginners because it is fun to learn.


Folder Cache is folder CSGO for beginners which has three simple paths and one main connecting path. Folder It has a layout that is easy for players to learn. In addition, the timing of folder The cache is balanced enough to make it easier for novice players.

However, folder this is quite challenging because it has many open areas. In order to win against the enemy, you must have a good strategy when playing.

Tips for Playing on the CSGO Map for Beginners

aim map csgo

If you are a beginner, there are a few things to consider when playing at folder CSGO, namely:

Master Multiple Maps

One of the habits of players is to only master one folder just. Usually, folder used is the best known. Though, there are a number of folder other things that can be explored in CSGO. Dare to try playing on folder even if it’s occasional. Apart from not being bored, you will also have more playing experience.

Know the Strategy for Each Map

Each folder has a uniqueness that arises because of the design folder the. Well, you have to know what strategy needs to be done when playing in folder The selected. When using folder which is dominated by open space, for example, you need to take defensive actions so that you are not easily defeated by your opponent. The weapon used must be right.

Don’t Ignore Enemy Existence

When you enter the game, you will see a folder small in the corner of the screen. Folder this indicates the presence of the enemy real time. You have to watch folder in order to know the enemy’s position and develop the right strategy to finish him off.

Many players ignore or don’t have time to pay attention to it because they are too busy attacking. In fact, knowing the enemy’s position, near or far, will help you in defeating the enemy.

Know Attack and Defense Locations

on each folder, there are various advantages that can be used to attack or defend against the enemy, including the exact location. Therefore, to familiarize yourself with the battles in a map, you can first play online casual.

While playing in a folder, remember the perfect position to shoot, throw a grenade, or hide. When fighting in mode competitiveyou will be more fluent and can shoot without hesitation.

So, using the right strategy on folder chosen is one of the decisive factors for victory in games CSGO. The more often you play, the more you will be able to determine the right strategy in defeating your opponent.

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