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Finally Moonton Releases Skin Collector From Hero Vale Mobile Legends Games

The new Collector skin “Supernal Tempest” for the hero Vale is a perfect blend of oriental and Middle Eastern influences combined in one exquisite specimen.

In addition, the color of his hair is also dominated by white, like Gojo Satoru, as well as several other hero skins that were also recently released.

The fifth skin in Vale’s collection has the best theme so far.

In his original skin, Vale has white hair and shows off his pretty athletic body

This Collector skin keeps its white hairdo while adding more elegance and mystique to the Windtalker

Preview Skin “Supernal Tempest” Vale

Vale’s “Supernal Tempest” outfit looks like a hanfu, which is a traditional Chinese outfit,

In the form of clothes that are relatively loose and form a V-neck, this further reveals a large gold necklace worn by Vale.

In this skin, the celestial aura is really visible in Vale’s appearance, which gives an aesthetic and beautiful impression to his appearance.

When you use the first skill, two large and majestic creatures appear: the bai ze, a mythical animal like a cow, and the fuzhu, the horned deer, two of the most famous mythological figures in Chinese folklore.

These creatures are reminiscent of the mythical creature Genshin Impact created by the god Geo to protect the Liyue region, which is also inspired by Chinese culture.

When a Windblow is cast, depending on your upgrade, the storm turns orange or blue, representing each of the two creatures.

Of all the skill effects, his ultimate, Windstorm, is the most impressive on this collector skin.

If you choose to increase the damage increase, Windstorm: Death will summon Bai Ze with an explosive, swirling display of flames.

If you upgrade Windstorm to add a crowd control effect, this skill seems to summon a huge blue deer towering over Vale.

With the appearance given, of course, this skin is very worth buying, especially by Vale users.

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