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Features of Playing Games While Downloading Will Enter Android 12

Playing games while downloading the game is a feature that was previously introduced by Google.

This allows players to be able to play games while downloading the game.

This feature will reportedly be presented in the latest Android update for Android 12. This feature has been implemented on several platforms such as PC, Playstation and Xbox.

The simple mechanism of this feature is to first download the core file from the gameplay, where other files that are not so crucial will be downloaded in the background afterwards.

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Implementation like this will allow players to immediately start the game faster without having to wait long for the game to finish downloading.

XDA Developer himself provides a little illustration through his website where the use of this feature in the game will significantly allow players to start the game immediately. To see the illustration, you can access this link.

Even so, this feature itself has one requirement that must be done before it can be used.

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