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Favorite Tank Hero with Sadistic Skills

In February 2022, Moonton officially released a new hero named Esmeralda. Unlike other heroes, Esmeralda is the only Mobile Legends hero who has a dual role as a mage and tank.

Talking about performance, this one female character appears with formidable strength. Uniquely again, Esmeralda Mobile Legend also have the ability to steal shield opponent to increase his own HP.

Curious about the story behind the hero Esmeralda and what it’s like skills does it have? Check out the following reviews, come on!

Esmeralda’s Background as a Hero Tank The Most Used Mobile Legends

esmeralda as a tank hero in mobile legends

Esmeralda is a hero from the Western Desert who was chosen as an astrologer—a term for space observers with the magical ability to predict and explain everything that happens in the world. To become an astrologer, heroes must pass a strict assessment of their astrological abilities.

As an astrologer, Esmeralda Mobile Legend have a responsibility to look after Starmoon Casket, which is a hereditary heirloom that is said to have great power in it and can help subdue Khufra—the tyrant king of the desert. One day, Esmeralda travels to the Minos Labyrinth to find out the big secret behind the Starmoon Casket.

Unfortunately, his journey to the Minos Labyrinth did not go smoothly due to being blocked by ground shaking and a black sandstorm that destroyed the desert. At the same time, without knowing the cause suddenly Starmoon Casket open and radiate mysterious power into the body of this beautiful hero.

This power then saved Esmeralda from the black sandstorm. On the other hand, this power also contributed to the memory of the past astrologers; one of them was Elora’s memories. It is said that Elora is a young witch who becomes Khufra’s lover.

After that, instead of continuing on towards the Minos Labyrinth, Esmeralda seemed to get a whisper from Starmoon Casket to change direction towards the Deep Desert to find Khufra who rose from the dead. From here, Esmeralda finally took on the mission of defeating Khufra and returning him to the Western Desert.

Esmeralda’s Strengths and Disadvantages

the advantages and disadvantages of esmeralda

Before studying how to use Esmeralda Mobile Legend past skills what he has, find out first, come on, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this unique hero.

· Excess

  1. Known to have shield infinite. Ability shieldit will also increase if it is accompanied by a total Magic Power the big one.
  2. Able to steal shield enemies in the vicinity
  3. Able tocounter another hero with shield big, like Akai and Hilda
  4. Own skills passive in the form of converting shield become HP
  5. Cooldown relatively short so that players can use it to get shield and HP regeneration.
  6. Does not work against Aegis spells from the opponent

· Lack

  1. Don’t have engage skills so good player must be able to use ultimate skills optimally to beat the enemy.
  2. Do not have crowd control skills so his ability as a hero tank less effective when compared to Minotour with knock up.
  3. Very easy to experience ganking for not having skills blurry
  4. One of the most difficult hero characters to use.
  5. Mistake did combo can be fatal.

Skills Deadly Belonging to Esmeralda

Esmeralda's Skills
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Want to know the secret Esmeralda Mobile Legend in eliminating his opponent? Peek line skills his following.

· Skills Passive

Esmeralda has skills passive in the form of Starmoon Casket. Through the combination of energy stardust and frost moon what’s inside Starmoon Caskethero tank/mage this beauty will give physical and magical damage simultaneously. That’s why the quality of the damage is rated two times greater than the others.

Uniquely, for opponents who are affected by Esmeralda damage, they will receive shield. But don’t worry, the shield that is distributed doesn’t necessarily make your opponent immune to Esmeralda’s attacks, but instead becomes HP for him.

· Skills Active

Skills 1: Frostmoon Shield

Existence frost moon shield help Esmeralda Mobile Legend able to withstand damage enemy attack. On the other side, movement speedit will increase by 20%.

No less terrifying, this ability can make Esmeralda absorb the opponent’s shield and turn it into shield for himself. As a result, he was immune from enemy attacks.

Skills 2: Stardust Dance

Stardust dance allowing Esmeralda to shake off the waves frost moon and stardust capable of causing damage physical and magic to nearby enemies. If the attack succeeds in giving damage on the opponent, cooldown skills 1 will decrease by 1 second.

Ultimate Skills

Besides skills above, Moonton also provided Esmeralda with ultimate skills in the form of Falling Starmoon. Skills it can throw sturdust towards the enemy with results damage 350 (+90% total physical attack) and jump to the target location to release frost moon who brought damage magic 350 (+140% total magic power).

Recommendation Build Items which is suitable for enhancing Esmeralda’s performance

recommended build items suitable for esmeralda

In order to improve the quality of performance, a number of build items mobile legends Esmeralda Car Legend 2022 This is suitable to be used to support skills which exists.

Items Oracle help heroes have thicker blood. Not only that, this item also has skills active Magical Defense which can have a reducing effect cooldown. Oracle has a passive ability that serves to increase shield absorb and add regen HP as much as 25%.

Able to recover Where as much as 10% and gives an additional 30 points Mana Regeneration. Suitable for Esmeralda who is known to be extravagant Where.

Give magic damage and additional +5% movement speed useful in beating marksman opponent.

Function to give effect slow to the opponent if Esmeralda manages to deliver damage use skillsno basic attack. As for the effect slowit can reach 30% for 3 seconds.

If used together demon shoes, Calamity Reaper able to provide extra Where for Esmeralda. Besides that, items it also gives extra movement speed by 10% and reduction cooldown up to 10%.

5 Heroes Who Can Conquer Esmeralda

hero counter esmeralda

Although known to be tough, the hero who is usually used as a solo push rank in mobile legends can also be subdued by the following five heroes. So, while playing, make sure you avoid the heroes below, okay? Anyone?

  1. karrie, known as tank killer
  2. Auroraheroes with burst damage height and stun which is able to make the opponent die
  3. Kaja, ultimate skills-it is able to reduce magic defense Esmeralda
  4. Choua hero with impressive punching abilities
  5. Martishero fighter with skills This Ashura Aura is able to make Esmeralda knock-up.

That’s a review of the background, skills, build items, up to five heroes who are able to conquer Esmeralda Mobile Legend. Are you ready to play?

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