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EVOS Rekt's Mainstay Hero Who Can Overwhelm Opponents Games

MPL ID fans must be familiar with Gustian REKT. A Pro Player who still defends the White Tiger team, EVOS Legends.

EVOS REKT is a pro player who has performed consistently on MPL ID from season 1 to season 9.

With a very long experience in the MLBB competitive scene, one analyst explained that REKT is the player with the highest value in Indonesia.

Because his experience brought him to many roles. From Carry、Hardcore、Offlaner to Roamer

But among all that, there is one moment that is more awe-inspiring. that is, if REKT chooses the following heroes which are its mainstay heroes


With this role marksman, MPL ID S4 REKT appears with an impressive performance. He can also quickly collect gold to complete his build items.


For Roamer, REKT will most likely choose Angela. REKT can really use this hero, just like Angela was made for REKT.


When Diggie was used by REKT, Celiboy from Alter Ego felt overwhelmed. It can be said that with this one hero, REKT can disrupt the Alter Ego formation.

And that’s the Mainstay Hero List from EVOS REKT. Of course, this MPL ID S9 REKT maybe REKT will show you another impressive gameplay.

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