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EVOS Luminaire As Best Midlaner According to Skylar Games

El Clasico happened again in the MPL ID Season 9 playoffs, which previously served 2 times in the regular season.

In this match, EVOS Legends had to admit the superiority of RRQ Hoshi after losing 3-2.

In this match, Luminer, the mainstay Midlaner from EVOS Legends, was not included in the 5 games played in this El Clasico match.

This of course caught the attention of one of the players from RRQ Hoshi, namely Skylar, who commented on the midlaner of the EVOS Legends team.

Skylar: “Luminaire Is A Midlaner That’s Hard To Fight”

During the MPL ID Season 9 media interview, we had the opportunity to ask Skylar a few questions.

One of them, asked about the best midlaner and who is hard to beat from the EVOS Legends team.

According to Skylar, Luminaire is one of the best midlaners the EVOS Legends team has, and it’s very difficult to beat Luminaire.

The comment came when Skylar had trained with Luminaire during the 2022 SEA Games Pelatnas and was a roommate of the EVOS Legends midlaner.

“For myself, Luminaire is a midlaner who is difficult to fight because at national training I share the same room as him.” Clear Skylar

Skylar also hopes to meet Midlaner, the pride of the EVOS Legends team, or maybe in the next El Clasico match.

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