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Echo Will Be The Closing Hero For Overwatch!

Echo is rumored to be the closing hero for the first game series, Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment a few days ago announced a new overwatch hero, Echo. This hero is the 32nd hero of Overwatch and will reportedly be the last hero.

Because Jeff Kaplan as Overwatch Director said that they would not add new heroes until Overwatch 2 was released. This means that Echo Now will be the closing Hero for the first game series, Overwatch. In addition, Jeff also added that his team is currently focusing on making heroes in Overwatch 2.

Even though it’s pretty sad that Blizzard won’t be adding a 33rd hero to Overwatch, at least they’ll be given a new Overwatch game that’s said to be coming with a number of updates.

It is known that it is possible that Blizzard Entertainment will provide information regarding the Overwatch 2 game through this year’s Blizzcon event and will release it in early 2022.

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