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Echo, Overwatch's New Hero Confirmed Ready to be presented by Blizzard!

Overwatch's new Echo Hero is ready to be presented by Blizzard

Even though Blizzard Entertainment has just been left by the story writer of the Overwatch game, Michael Chu, it seems that they don’t stop to continue releasing their next newest hero, one of which is Echo.

Through the trailer, Blizzard shows an upcoming hero, Echo, and explains that the character is an omnic character designed and created by Dr. Liao. It is also equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) which can adapt very quickly to be able to face the enemy easily.

In addition, the face of Echo itself is the face shape of Dr. Liao and has similar characteristics to the creator. This makes the connection between Echo and Dr. Liao grew even closer in the story.

Well, it is reported that Blizzard itself is still reluctant to provide information regarding when the Echo hero will be released on the Overwatch test server. So, we’ll just have to wait for further news, GameZeRo friends.

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