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Easy Ways to Buy Football Manager 2022 Mobile Game

For you football game lovers, you can’t miss this game. Football Manager Mobile is one of the most popular and widely played football games. As of the time this article was written, this game has been installed more than 100 thousand times on the Play Store. In addition, this game also received a rating of 4.1.

In this article, we will discuss an easy way to buy the Football Manager 2022 Mobile game.

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About Game Football Manager 2022 Mobile

Football Manager 2022 Mobile is a soccer game released by SEGA at the end of 2022. Through this game, we can prepare a dream team with a variety of tactical arrangements. In addition, we can apply soccer strategies according to our preferences and tastes. These strategies and tactics can be made a reality.

For those of you who are football fans and looking for a soccer strategy game, this game is the right choice. Not only available for Android users, Football Manager can also be played on various other platforms. Call it like in mobileon PC/Mac, on Xbox, on tablets, to Nintendo Switch.Football manager game platform

Especially for Android users, you can buy this game directly on the Play Store. The price of the 2022 Mobile Football Manager game is 149 thousand Rupiah.

How to Buy Football Manager Game For Android

For Android users, you can buy directly through the Play Store. To buy games, you can use various payment methods available on the Play Store. Examples of available payment methods include: GoPay, ShopeePay, DOKU, credit cards, and also Google Play vouchers.

If you want to buy using a Google Play voucher, here are the steps you need to do.

    1. Buy first Google Play vouchers. For example, you can buy on UniPin.
    2. Buy a voucher with a nominal that is close to the price of the FM game earlier. For example, you can buy a voucher with a nominal value of 150 thousand.
    3. Next, specify the payment method to be used. If so, immediately make a purchase and pay for the Google Play voucher google play voucher code
    4. The Google Play voucher code will be sent to your email. After getting the voucher code, you can immediately open the Football Manager 2022 purchase page on the Play Store. Just click the purchase football manager on play store
    5. Next you can choose an option redeem code.redeem option
    6. Next, enter the Google Play voucher code that you purchased.redeem code
    7. After successfully redeeming, you can immediately complete the purchase and install the game.

Through UniPin, you can buy various game vouchers that you need. Includes Google Play vouchers. Later, you can use this voucher to purchase various applications, games, books, or movies on Google Play. In addition to Google Play vouchers, you can also buy various other game vouchers at UniPin.vouchers on UniPin

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