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Easy! Here's a Guide to Download and Play Mobile Legends 2022

The popularity of Mobile Legends (ML) is not in doubt. Starting from children, teenagers, to adults also play this game; One of the reasons is to get rid of boredom. However, there are also some parties who practice their skills in playing Mobile Legends in order to take part in the contest e-sports one day.

Whatever the goal, figuring out how todownload and using it is an initial process that must be done before competing with player other. Especially if it’s your first time playing it. For that, you need to follow the guide download ML along with the following tips for playing ML for beginners.

Download Mobile Legends on HP

download mobile legends on cellphone

There are three ways for those of you who want to play Mobile Legends on HP. First, you candownloadvia Google Play for Android users. If using an iPhone, please download the application in the Apps Store. Last available ML apk along with its advantages.

Then, how to do all three? Here are the steps.

a. Download ML on Google Play

Before downloading you need to make sure the specifications of your cellphone first. The goal is that during the playing process it doesn’t happen lag. At least the cellphone used has a capacity of 3 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, 4G internet network, and uses a processor Quad Cores.

If the specifications are right, you can open the Play Store and follow these steps:

  • Click on search bar
  • Type Mobile Legends on search bar
  • Press the button Install
  • Wait a few moments until the application is installed and ready to play

b. Download ML on the Apps Store

If you are an iPhone user, please visit the Apps Store to download Mobile Legends. The steps are as follows:

  • Tap on search bar
  • Type Mobile Legends
  • After the appropriate application icon appears, press the button Install
  • Wait until the application is finished installing

c. Download ML APKs

Besides download directly from Google Play or the Apps Store, you can too download Mobile Legend apk version 2.0 by:

  • Go to Youtube and search for VY Gaming channel
  • Check the description column to find link download-an. You can download Mobile Legends APK via Mega or Google Drive.
  • If you have previouslyinstall Mobile Legends but still using the old version, please go ahead install the new version without uninstall old version.
  • Wait until the application is finished installing

In addition to Mobile Legends version 2.0, there are also many spreads on the internet link Download Mobile Legends Mod version. What is the difference? Mobile Legend Mods are usually modified so that player can get all heroes for free, skin free, battle points infinite, until increase damage.

Although it looks profitable, this move is considered a fraud. Be careful, if you insist on installing ML Mod, you might experience it banned device by Moonton who ended up not being able toinstall Mobile Legends official application.

Download Mobile Legends on PC without hassle

download mobile legends on pc without any hassle

Mobile games made by Moonton, it can only be played via smartphone. However, this does not rule out the possibility for those of you who want to play it via a computer / PC. How to?

The first thing that needs to be done is toinstall Android emulator on PC. Fortunately, there are now many emulator Android with a light capacity so as to minimize the occurrence of lag or obstacles. One of them is Nox App Player.

Well, after Nox is installed, the second step is download ML apk or install ML via Google Play on Nox. Once installed you need to do some settings to control Mobile Legends. Follow the method below.

  • Get into the game first. You can choose Ranked, Classic, or Brawl Basically, keyboard control settings-it can only be done when the game starts.
  • Look for the Simulate Touch menu or press CTRL+1 to bring up the game buttons.
  • Adjust the button as needed

ML Playing Tips for Beginners

ML playing tips for beginners

Create para newbiepay attention to the following tips for playing Mobile Legends so that you can look good in destroying base opponent.

1. Choose One Hero and Master the Technique Playing It

The first tip is to choose a hero then find out the ins and outs, starting from the story, weaknesses and strengths, skillsuntil build items that are suitable for your target hero. However, before that you need to know the types of heroes in Mobile Legends. Already know?

Mobile Legends has several types of heroes, namely:

  • Tank heroes: Akai, Johnson, Gatotkaca
  • Hero fighter: X.Borg, Zilong, Bane
  • Hero assassins: Hayabusa, Karina, Selena
  • Hero mages: Esmeralda, Alice, Aurora
  • Hero marksman: Bruno, Karrie, Hanabi
  • Hero support: Estes, Diggie, Lolita

Among the heroes above, some of them also have multiple roles, such as the hero Esmeralda who has a role as a hero mage also tanks.

2. Arrange Build Items In such a way that it matches the Hero of your choice

To support the performance of heroes on the battlefield, make sure you equip them with build the right items. Similar to heroes, Mobile Legends also has a variety of features build items with their respective advantages. However, not all build the item is suitable for your hero.

For example, if you play with heroes marksmanit’s better to choose the item attack in order to add damage on the enemy.

3. Find Out Each Function Battle Spell

The next tip is to find out all kinds of things battle spells along with their functions. Battle spells itself is skills addition that should not be underestimated. Currently there are dozens battle spells available, such as execute-to add damage attack on the enemy and retribution which serves to kill monsters quickly.

4. Pay attention to the Mini Map

Don’t just play player also need to pay attention to the mini map. Not infrequently team members are annoyed by the actions of beginners who play without checking the mini map.

Through the mini map you can find out the approximate presence of enemies, Turtles, and monsters jungle at the same time useful in determining the right time to attack and defend.

That’s a review of the guide download ML and tips to play it. Hopefully this article can help improve your performance in playing Mobile Legends, yes. Have a good time!

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