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EA Plans to Rename FIFA Game!

The Federation Internationale de Football Association or better known as FIFA has indeed been quite attached to the name of the game that Electronic Arts has developed over the years. FIFA itself is present as a rival to Konami’s PES.

Instead of continuing to try to compete with PES, Electronic Arts and FIFA are rumored to be going their separate ways in the near future. Which means that EA will no longer use the FIFA name in their soccer games for so long.

EA and FIFA will split up?

Rumor - EA Plans to Rename FIFA Games to EA Sports FC -

This rumor first came from a journalist, Jeff Grubb on the show Giant Bomb show Grubbsnaxhe said that he received information from sources who had confirmed to him that the long-running soccer game franchise would be renamed.

FIFA’s name will later change to EA Sports FC according to information provided by Jeff Grubb. The relationship between EA and FIFA has not been going well lately. It’s no wonder that in the future they will actually part ways after such a long time of partnering.

FIFA asks for more license fees

Rumor - EA Plans to Rename FIFA Games to EA Sports FC -
EA Sports

According to rumors, FIFA is planning to make their own soccer game later. EA and FIFA have been partners since 1993 in developing soccer games. Since then, both EA and FIFA have benefited greatly from this franchise.

Meanwhile, to maintain the FIFA name, the Electronic Arts must routinely pay a license fee every 4 years. According to reports The New York Timesthis license fee has been doubled by FIFA from USD 500 million to USD 1 billion.

This large enough value became one of the triggers for the separation of EA and FIFA. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

sources: Gamesradar

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