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Dynasty Warriors 6 PS2 Cheats English

You’re looking for Dynasty Warriors 6 cheats? Let’s see below.

Maybe most of you are already familiar with the name Dynasty Warriors. In this one game we will play as characters from the era of the 3 kingdoms or rather based on the history of Samkok.

True, Dynasty Warriors itself tells stories from the era of the 3 kingdoms that are so popular and loved by many people. Until now the story of Dynasty Warriors itself is still continuing under the auspices of Koei Tecmo.

One of the most popular series from the past from this franchise is Dynasty Warriors 6. Which does have quite complex gameplay. DW6 itself was first launched in 2006 ago.

Just like other series, DW6 also has various characters from the 3 kingdoms era or even other fiction. However, it is not easy to get all these characters.

But don’t worry, because this time Halogame will share some tips to unlock these famous characters in Dynasty Warriors 6. Curious? Dynasty Warriors 6 PS2 Cheats in Indonesian! Check below.

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Dynasty Warriors 6 PS2 Cheats English

CharacterHow to get it
Cao CaoFinish 3 Wei Musou Models
Cao RenReach Target 2 of Lu Bu’s Fan-Side Fortress
Difficulty (Chaos) Pass Mode 1 Wei, shu, wu, and other Musou Mode
CostumeRaise Character Level 50
Diao ChanComplete Wei, Shu, wu Mosou Mode
Dong ZhuoReach Hu Lao’s Gate 1 Target – Lu bu’s side
Gang NingComplete 1 Wu Musou Mode
Guan PingReach Target 2 Fan Fortress – Lu Bu’s Party
Hang GaiReach Target 3 Fan Fortress – Lu Bu’s Party
Huang ZongReach Target 1 Ding Jung – Wei Party
Ling TongSuccessfully achieve 3 battle objectives on the wei side in battle of shi Ting
Liu BeiComplete 3 Shu Musou Mode
Lu BuComplete Sun Jian, Liu Bei, Cao-cao and Diao Chan Musou Mode
Lu MengSuccessfully Achieved 2 Battle Objectives on the wei side in He Fei
Ma CaoSuccessfully achieve 2 Battle Objectives on the wei side in Han Zhong Attack Defense Bettle
Pang TongSuccessfully Achieve 3 Battle Goals in cheng Du and keep pan tong alive
Sun CeSuccessfully achieved One battle goal on sun Jian’s side in the battle Of Xia Pi
Sun JiangComplete 3 Wu Musou Mode
Sun QuamSuccessfully achieve 1 Battle Objective on Lu Bu’s side in The Battle Of Chi Bi
Difficulty (Very Hard)Finish Musou with any character
Sound GalleryLevel up character 50
Wei YanSuccessfully achieve 2 battle objectives on WuZhang plain and finish the fight and let Wei Yan live
Xiahou YuanSuccessfully achieved 1 Battle Objective on the shu side at ding Jun Mountain
Xiao QiaoSuccessfully Achieve 3 Battle Objectives on Wu in Battle Of Shi Ting
Xu HuangReach Goal 2 The fight on the Wei/Wu side of the Fan palace
Yuan ShoAs Wei, complete 3 goals and catch Wu Chao before he completes the tag
Yue YingSuccessfully Achieving 1 Battle Objective on the wei side in the plains of wu zhang
Zhang HeSuccessfully Achieved 3 Battle Objectives on the Shu side in the battle Of Han Zhong
Zhang JiaoComplete 3 Targets in yellow Turban Rebellion
Zhang LiaoComplete 1 Wei Musou Mode
Zhen JiSuccessfully Reach 1 Battle Objective in Xu du Invasion Battle (Lü Bu scenario)
Zhao TaiSuccessfully Achieved 3 Battle Objectives on the Shu Side over Yi ling
Zhuge LiangComplete 1 Shu Musou Mode

Now, That’s the Cheat Dynasty Warriors 6 PS2 Indonesian. Which is your favorite character from the list above? Halogame itself will prefer Zhao Tai because he has terrible sword skills and speed.

What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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