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Dragon Quest 12 Using Unreal Engine 5

Recently, the Dragon Quest Twitter account has announced the presence of the latest entry from the franchise called Flames of Fate. Along with that, they also said that Dragon Quest 12 was developed using Unreal Engine 5.

This is of course a new breakthrough that Dragon Quest will take after the previous series using Unreal Engine 4. This indirectly becomes one of the games made by Square Enix that will try their luck using the latest engine.

Square Enix announces Dragon Quest 12

We all know that for now, very few games are being developed using the latest Epic Games engine. Of course, this latest engine will offer a variety of new things, including more realistic visuals.

The previous announcement of the presence of Dragon Quest 12 did not come with various detailed information. Like who the main character, storyline or background of the game will take place.

Dragon Quest 12 using Unreal Engine 5

Dragon Quest 12 Using Unreal Engine 5
Dragon Quest 12 | Rant Games

However, Square Enix’s side and Yuji Horii have explained that they are trying something new with this entry. Moreover, they will indeed use the latest engine and will make something different from before.

Luckily, Unreal Engine 5 is rumored to be supporting the Switch, which hints that the game will also be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, Horii himself said that the story for Dragon Quest 12 is now complete.

On the other hand, he will also completely overhaul the combat system in the game. Despite all that, Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate is currently in the development stage with no definite release schedule.

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