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Dr DisRespect Interested in Making His Own Game IP!

Maybe most of you are already familiar with the name Dr DisRespect. The former streamer on Twitch has now moved to become a streamer on Youtube.

In a short span of time, Dr DisRespect was able to amass over 3 million followers worldwide. Now, you can watch Dr DisRespect almost every day through his Youtube channel.

Live Streaming Dr DisRespect on Youtube

Previously, Dr DisRespect himself had disappeared after reportedly being permanently banned by Twitch. Regardless of all that, Dr DisRespect finally decided to move to Youtube until now.

Talking about Dr DisRespect, he recently did a stream on Youtube. Which he mostly uses to cover a wide range of topics, including Call of Duty, and his multimillion-dollar plan.

Through his stream, Doc said that he plans to create his own gaming IP. As is known that Doc is a former designer in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare before.

Dr DisRespect is interested in creating a new game IP!

Dr Disrespect is interested in making his own IP game
Dr Disrespect Folder | Rant Games

No wonder that he is now interested in making his own game IP. Furthermore, Doc said that the gaming industry is currently hungry for the next big idea. Luckily, Doc seems to know a way to get around this.

In addition, he told his fans that they only had enough to make his own game IP. At least Doc must raise funds of USD 25 million to carry out this plan.

You need to know that Doc is not just babbling. Yes, because some fans managed to take a photo showing a folder called GameIdea_1. Doc is sure that if he gets the funds, his IP will be a huge success.

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