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Don't miss it! Horror Game In Sound Mind Now Free To Have This Week

As usual, the Epic Games Store brings new free games every week. And for this week Epic Games is free In Sound Mind.

In Sound Mind itself is a psychological horror game with a first-person perspective made by the developer We Create Stuff.

This game will invite players to become a therapist named Desmond Wales who must explore the minds of patients in the city of Milton Haven.

The goal? Unravel what mysterious thing is attacking all the residents of the town of Milton Haven while racing against time before you too become a victim.

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The bad news is that these patients have been subjected to various biological experiments that have left their minds confused and have been mingled with terrifying visions and apparitions.

in sound mind | we create stuff

Later, players will be faced with various strange locations with various puzzles to solve. But you don’t have to worry about this game being boring because In Sound Mind also has shooting action.

Unlike Epic Games’ free games, which usually free old games, In Sound Mind is counted as a new game because this game was only released in September 2022.

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