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Despite Using Unreal, The Witcher's Newest Game Won't Be EGS Exclusive

The announcement of the presence of the new game The Witcher announced by CD Projekt Red did bring various responses from fans. The majority of course are still happy because finally their favorite game series is back.

But some fans are also worried because CDPR is now leaving the REDengine they have been using for a long time and switching to Unreal Engine 5.

Fans fear that the collaboration between CD Projekt Red and Epic Games will result in the next game The Witcher being exclusive to the Epic Games Store (EGS).

Moreover, CD Projekt also announced that they have established a strategic partnership with Epic for a period of 15 years even with the option to extend it.

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Fortunately, the CDPR immediately provided certainty as well as answered the concerns of the fans. Through the Twitter account @witchergame, the developer will answer the issue of the exclusivity of the game later.

CDPR explained that they have no plans to make their games exclusive to a single digital store. This is certainly good news for PC gamers.

Most likely PC gamers will still have the option to buy the next The Witcher game through Epic Games, Steam, or GOG as before.

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