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Demon's Tilt Becomes Permanent Free Game Within a Week, Claim Now

Who doesn’t like free games? This time Demon’s Tilt will be permanently free but the claim period is only a week. So hurry up and claim before this game is no longer free.

Epic Games Free Games

Demon’s Tilt is not a wow game, because Demon’s Tilt is just a Pinball Game. But if you want to enjoy a Pinball game with other colors, you can try this game. Or maybe just claim for the game collection on your Epic Games account.

How to claim this is very easy. Like claiming free games on the Epic Games Store before. You just have to open your Epic games store application then click store, look for FreeGames. Then click Demon’s Tilt then get, finish and Demon’s Tilt is already yours

If you don’t have the Epic Games Store, you can make a claim through their website, click here. You just log in and claim it. Given the very limited time, so hurry up and claim before the deadline runs out on March 31.

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