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Defeat Onic Esports 4-1, RRQ Hoshi Wins Trophi MPL ID Season 9 Games

The Mobile Legends: Bang-bang Professional League Indonesia Season 9 (MPL ID S9) tournament officially ended after running for approximately two months.

The e-sports team RRQ Hoshi came out as the champion of MPL Season 9, after overthrowing Onic Esports in the MPL ID S9 Grand Final phase which took place on Sunday, (4/24/2022).

In a match featuring the best seven games format (Best of 7/BO7), RRQ Hoshi managed to beat Onic Esports with a score of 4-1. During the match, RRQ Hoshi often resisted attacks from Onic Esports.

In the Grand Final phase, RRQ Hoshi appeared with a team composition consisting of Albertt, Vyn, R7, Clayyy, and Skylar. While the opponents are Drian, Butss, Kiboy, Cw, and SANZ.

Fierce From the Beginning

The first match was fierce. Both teams launched attacks on each other until finally RRQ Hoshi ended the match in the 20th minute with God’s help.

Onic Esports began to show its fangs in match 2. After dominating the early game phase, Onic Esports counterattacked which culminated in the 25th minute, when the team managed to knock down RRQ Hoshi’s defense for the first time.

However, the victory did not last long. Because RRQ Hoshi again managed to defeat Onic Esports in the 18th minute with a 13-3 kill score.

RRQ Hoshi Again dominated the match in the 4th game. SANZ, as the role Jungler of the Onic Esports team, encountered a number of disturbances in the early game phase, making it difficult for the team to win Gold. Onic Esports’ defensive base was finally destroyed once again in the 16th minute

One step towards victory, RRQ Hoshi returned to playing optimally in game 5. Every way has been tried by the Onic Esports team to thwart the RRQ team to get Turtle and Lord, even though this tactic always failed.

The decisive moment in the MPL ID S9 event took place in the 5th minute of the 14th game when RRQ Hoshi captured Lord and killed four members of Onic Esports. The Champion Title in MPL ID Season 9 was finally won by RRQ Hoshi after the team was confirmed to beat Onic Esports with a kill score of 12-5

This is the fourth time that RRQ Hoshi has won the MPL ID tournament. Previously, the team which is usually nicknamed “The King” managed to win first place in MPL ID Season 2, Season 5 and Season 6.

Meanwhile, Onic Esports has won MPL ID twice, in Season 3 and Season 8.

MPL ID S9 Prize

After coming out as the champion of MPL Season 9, RRQ Hoshi was also entitled to a prize with a total of 140,000 US dollars or around Rp. 2 billion.

The total promised prize for MPL ID S9 winners is US$300,000 (approximately IDR 4.3 billion).

The following are the details of the prizes received by each winner in MPL ID Season 9:

  • First place – 140,000 US dollars (approximately IDR 2 billion).
  • Second place – 67,200 US dollars (around Rp. 967 million).
  • Third place – 28,000 US dollars (approximately Rp 403 million).
  • Fourth place – 16,800 US dollars (around Rp. 241 million).
  • Fifth and sixth place – 10,525 US dollars (around Rp. 151 million).
  • Seventh and eighth place – 7,725 US dollars (approximately Rp. 111 million).

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