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Deathloop Will Be Exclusive on PlayStation 5 Until September 2022

Bethesda’s Deathloop resurfaced through State of Play this month. The release schedule of Deathloop itself had previously been postponed for various reasons to this year.

Previously Deathloop itself was planned to be released in 2022. After a long time, Deathloop will be launching in the near future exclusively for PlayStation 5.

Deathloop releases exclusive for PS5

On the other hand, Bethesda itself has now officially become the property of Microsoft. It’s quite strange to see that this game will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 5, considering that Microsoft does have Xbox and PC.

However, before Zenimax Media was acquired by Microsoft, Sony had previously managed to lock the exclusiveness for Deathloop on the PlayStation 5. It is not surprising that this game will indeed be released exclusively on the PlayStation console first.

Valid until September 2022

Deathloop Will Be Exclusive On Playstation 5 Until September 2022
Death loop | Zephynet

True, it has now been confirmed that Deathloop will release on PlayStation 5, at least until September 2022. As of now, this exclusive is only valid until one year after its release.

As we know, Deathloop itself is planned to be released on September 14, 2022 after previously being delayed. You can play Deathloop on Xbox and PC starting in September 2022.

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