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Deadpool Finally Arrives in Fortnite

After seven weeks of waiting, Deadpool skin finally arrived Fortnite . This skin is available for free as long as you have the Battle Pass, but you must complete several missions from the Battle Pass to get it.

Deadpool’s skin has been teasing since the launch of Fortnite chapter 2: season 2. As fans saw some of Deadpool’s appearances in the trailer for the new season. Shortly after, challenges began appearing in Deadpool’s bunker, allowing players to unlock clothing items such as his famous katana.

It’s not just skins, there are other unlockables like Deadpool’s katana, and there’s an alternative version of the costume with the mask removed. Perhaps the most interesting addition is that the cruise ship in the northeastern part of the map has been turned into a Deadpool party boat. Not only that, the ship is also equipped with a giant balloon and helicopter landing pad.

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