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Curious, this is the reason Lunox Mobile Legend is the most feared hero mage

Curious as to what a strong, unique, and complex Mage hero looks like Lunox Mobile Legends? Lunox’s abilities can be said to be somewhat difficult to understand and complex. So, many players believe that he is not an arbitrary Mage. You need players with high flying hours so that you are able to bring out all of Lunox’s potential to the fullest.

Before starting Lunox Mobile Legend adventures, First, take a look at the following reviews and full explanations.

Complicated Skills Lunox Mobile Legend

lunox mobile legends skills

Lunox is known as a talented magician who is skilled at mastering the powers of darkness as well as light. In fact, he is good at going in and out of the dream world and getting other people trapped in it.

When the balance of the world is in danger, Lunox realizes that it is his responsibility to restore order. He is willing to sacrifice to enter the world of dreams and join Twilight Orb with the aim of establishing a balance between chaos and order.

The complexity of the Lunox story gives it a row skills deadly force that can frighten the opponent. Following skills mainstay Lunox Mobile Legend as well as the advantages of this Mage hero.

Dreamland Twist, skill passive Lunox

Lunox finds it difficult to distinguish between time and reality due to his status as the ruler of the forces of light and darkness. This has an impact on the duration reduction effect cooldown. When Lunox’s darkness mode is active, the effect is changed to magic penetration. On the other hand, when light mode is active, Lunox’s magic defense is doubled.

With duration cooldown skills relatively short at skills 1 and 2, you can focus on arranging what items need to bebuilds. Find which special item damage, magic penetration, mana stacks, or regeneration that must be possessed in order to maximize the potential of Lunox.

Starlight Pulse skill 1 Lunox

Privileges skills 1 Lunox is when he summons a rain of starlight and directs it precisely at the targeted enemy. This powerful attack is capable of creating damage magic up to 200-300 or equivalent level skills 1-6, +80% total magic power.

The starlight then returns to Lunox and regenerates blood up to 40-60 points. The effect can be doubled if skills it hits your enemy hero.

Chaos Assault, skill 2 Lunox

Lunox will release chaos energy that can create damage magic up to 230-340 or level skills 1-6 +120% total magic power. As soon as it hits the enemy, their movement speed will automatically decrease. You can also get damage extra 3-5.5% of the enemy’s total HP when attacking with skills 2.

Because of the effect stack skills 1 and 2 are different, you can’t use both skills this together. Because, if you use skills 1, skills 2 will be affected by the pause.

Cosmic Fission skill 3 Lunox

Cosmic Fission is the only one skills Lunox which has no effect on skills other. Skills it can create damage and CC effect over a wide area, but is quite painful when hitting enemies.

Enemies currently located in the attack area will be hit damage 280-480 worth of magic, simultaneously gaining effect slow. can be said, skills 3 Lunox is quite easy to understand and not as complex skills 1 and 2.

Chaos & Order, ultimate skill Lunox

There are two modes ultimate skill Lunox, namely light mode and dark mode. When light mode is active, Lunox transforms itself into a bright glowing symbol form for 1-2 seconds. It will be immune from CC effects and enemy attacks, as well as giving damage continuous magic on nearby enemies.

Once dark mode is active, Lunox does not change form. However, it switches to attacking the enemy over a wide area until the enemy is hit in a row damage. Well, this dark mode is the key to the combination of various Lunox attacks. Then, make sure you encourage emergence Chaos Mark to the target in order to obtain the maximum effect from skills 2.

The Reason Why Lunox Mobile Legend Is Scared

lunox mobile legends wallpaper

View the row skills Lunox, you are certainly starting to understand how his appearance is feared by opposing players. Furthermore, some of these reasons will answer why he is a figure that is reckoned with by opposing players.

Great performance when early game

Without pocketing certain items, abilities damage Lunox is high. This makes him the strongest Mage hero in the phase early games. Played rush it will be easy for you. Of course Lunox’s abilities can be useful for follow-up damage extra big to the team’s advantage.

Hard to guess gameplay Lunox

Lunox Mobile Legend gameplay unpredictable. with six skills active and different attack variations, the opponent will have a hard time predicting what the next attack will look like. In fact, Lunox was able to create magic damage so high that you can devour any opponent in the blink of an eye.

Lunox durability is relatively good

Lunox’s resistance is above the average of other heroes. Armed with this, Lunox becomes a figure that is difficult for any hero to fight. In fact, the opponent is difficult to do counter that’s how Lunox strikes. This makes him the top Mage hero status in Mobile Legend.

Reliably fill all roles

You can empower Lunox as offlaner or midlaner. Because he belongs to the type of Mage who creates burst damage and able to finish off the enemy in a short time. Lunox can also work well when acting as a Tank hero, Core, to support. Skills Lunox’s prowess makes it easy to adapt to any role assigned to him.

Tips for playing Lunox Mobile Legend

lunox mobile legends skin

With the above advantages, playing Lunox Mobile Legend can be enough tricky. Yes, Lunox also has weaknesses here and there. So, you need to practice the following tips to overcome Lunox’s weaknesses.

1. Avoid head-to-head with heroes burst damage

In fact, Lunox is actually weak when dealing with heroes who have burst damage skills. With limited HP, Lunox is easy to beat if the opponent uses skills the.

2. Watch out for heroes crowd control

Lunox is weak against opponents that can create a CC effect. When he is affected by CC, Lunox’s Movement is automatically limited and he is not free to use skills hers.

3. Maximize skills owned

Moment skills Lunox in condition cooldown, it cannot reverse the attack on the opponent. Make sure you set the interval between attacks well considering that Lunox’s life depends on skills which he has.

The reviews above help you understand more deeply what a figure looks like Lunox Mobile Legends. Hopefully this information can help you maximize Lunox’s potential to win battles easily. Good luck!

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