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CS:GO Trusted Launch Considered Too Ancient by Cheat Makers

Some time ago Valve released Trusted Launch, an anti-cheat system that protects CS:GO players from cheaters. This game can indeed be said to be too damaged, especially for matchmaking in DMG rankings and above, there are lots of cheaters who can easily escape the VAC. And it seems that Valve is actively cleaning this game from these cheaters.

Here is a review of the Trusted Launch:

However, it seems that the new mechanism has not worked as expected. Even a cheat maker – as reported by AFK Gaming – , laughed at the system and considered Valve too consider Trusted Launch superior. Systems such as those run by Trusted Launch are considered too old-school. A player also added that the new anti-cheat mechanism was also directly penetrated by cheaters only a day after its release.


The creator of this cheat also said that no game will really be safe from cheats. Even games like Valorant that have special anti-cheats are still penetrated by cheaters.

The cheat maker also gave a suggestion, instead of focusing on eradicating cheaters in the game, wouldn’t it be better to create an ecosystem where players who are detected using cheats are immediately grouped into one match that also contains cheaters. So it’s like HvH but on Valve’s servers. According to him it is a more modern solution. What do you think? Agree with the advice from the cheat maker above?

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