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Config Bundle Ruok FF 2022

Config Bundle Ruok FF

Config Bundle Ruok FF – If you are a free fire game player, you will often hear and even know about the real Ruok FF.

Ruok FF is a YouTuber from Thailand, his name is already very well known, even now Ruok’s fans have more than 2 million subs.

Almost every day, YouTube content from Ruok is always enlivened by millions of views.

With the content provided is always of high quality so that it can entertain many people, this YouTuber Ruok ff is also known as one of the proud YouTubers, especially the free fire players.

Most of the videos uploaded when Ruok get kill enemies in just 1 shot.

That’s what causes many ff users to think and always pay attention to this ff ruok is the best player in free fire, especially ruok always uses his favorite bundle set.

If you want to get this set of fuok ff bundles, you can visit the site, and here we will provide a set of free fire ruok bundles using config, if you don’t understand, we will explain in more detail.

Config Bundle Ruok FF discussion

What does Bundle Ruok FF mean?

The ruok ff bundle is an item that ruok often uses when playing free fire, and ruok ff really likes to use the bundle set, we can clearly see it from the circulating video content.

And of course the bundle looks very cool and if you buy it using diamond the price offered is quite expensive.

You can have the opportunity to get a set of bundles for free, by using the ff config, so later you can get the bundle for free without having to buy it.

This ruok ff bundle config can get a bundle for free because there is already a script that can provide free items, but the way this is done is cheating.

Even if you cheat, it’s still very safe to use because this method is not a deadly cheat.

But before we continue discussing about config bundle ruok ff, you must first know the price of this free fire ruok bundle.

Config Bunde Ruok FF

1. Price for FF Ruok Bundle

config bundle Ruok FF
Price Bundle Ruok FF

Are you curious about the price of this Ruok ff bundle set if it’s global?

What is certain for those of you who are middle to lower free fire players will feel unable to buy the ruok ff bundle set, for the total price of the bandle set, which is 660 diamonds.

Even though you can afford it, unfortunately the ruok ff bundle set is no longer available, so these items are very difficult to get.

That’s why no one uses the set bundle item at this time, it’s because it’s no longer available in the shop menu.

It can even be said that this item is rare and difficult to obtain, so there are no free fire players who wear the same clothes as the ruok.

Here we will offer a config bundle set ruok ff, so you can get it for free so you have to download it first via the Config Bundle Ruok FF link.

You can directly download it via the link, the ruok free fire config bundle you can get free items in the form of cool clothes that are always used by ruok ff youtubers.

Although this config is still said to be very safe, but you also have to bear the risk because you have manipulated other items that are converted into the bundle.

Please download the ruok ff config set bundle via the link above, that way you can get it for free.

2. How to Use Config Bundle Ruok FF

How to use config bundle ruok free fire can be said to be very easy, you pay attention from start to finish so you can get the set bundle ruok.

Here’s how to use the Ruok FF config bundle:

  • Please download the set-bundle ff config file via the FOLLOWING link (Config Bundle Ruok FF).
  • Then immediately open the ZArchiver application, if you don’t have it, you can download it on the play store
  • After that, extract the pad file, and you will get a new folder with the name Config Set Ruok FF
  • After that, click the folder then there will be something called com.dts.freefireth then copy or copy it
  • Then please enter Android “Data” then paste the com.dts.freefireth you just copied
  • After that, click file- click Replace, it’s located on the right side there will be a name “Replace”
  • Then the config bundle ruok free fire has been successfully installed
  • Done

By paying attention to the method above, your desire to get the ff ruok bundle set will soon be achieved, as a warning once again that this config is only manipulating in the sense that it only changes your ff items, so you can’t get the bundle permanently.

3. Is it safe to use Ruok FF’s Config Set Bundle?

If Garena ff strictly prohibits anyone from using a 3rd party, it will bear the risk and your account may be banned.

So most likely using config is not safe, if no one reports you using config it will be safe as long as no one suspects.

For the best solution to stay safe from being banned, don’t use the config too often, and another way to be safe is to use a guest account or a sacrificial account, and that way you can always enjoy the config.

The final word

You can motivate yourself from how to play Ruok ff through its youtube content, so you can kill every time you play.

You definitely want to get a set of ruok ff bundles, through the site here you will be given a set of free fire ruok bundles, using config.

Even using config is not safe to get a free bundle, because if someone reports you using config, your ff account will be banned from Garena.

That’s the whole discussion in our article this time about config bundle Ruok FF 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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