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Completely Peel the Unique Facts of the Hero X-Borg Mobile Legend Here, Come on!

Even though it is included in the new hero category, X-Borg is one of the heroes the most new fighter player’s favorite, you know. In fact, he had been a subscriber for one season full. Not without reason, if played correctly, health is owned X-Borg Mobile Legend will not decrease at all. He also will not be easily killed when competing against heroes Burst Damage like Selena and Aurora.

What are the characteristics of X-Borg and how to play? Here’s more information.

Have a Haru story, this is the background of X-Borg Mobile Legend

x borg mobile legend story

X-Borg Mobile Legend story starting from a small village which is located near The City of Technology. Every day X-Borg works as a farmer. On the other hand, he is a person who is thirsty for knowledge related to technology. In order to satisfy his curiosity, he studied and read a lot of books that he borrowed from the city of Eruditio.

One day, a scientist Eruditio conducts an experiment near the field of the village where X-Borg lives. Unexpectedly the experiment ended in failure and resulted in a great explosion that took many lives.

Reportedly X-Borg was the only villager who survived the explosion. Even so, X-Borg suffered burns almost all over his body. To save X-Borg’s life, doctors and scientist Eruditio implant up to 1001 devices that replace damaged organs.

After being treated for a month, X-Borg came to his senses and asked why his body was fitted with various technological aids. After knowing the chronology of the doctor, X-Borg felt angry and vowed to destroy all technology in Eruditio.

Despite having a sad background, in the Land of Dawn X-Borg is known as a criminal who likes to find trouble.

Advantages and Disadvantages of X-Borg ML

hero x borg mobile legend
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Want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages? Hero X-Borg Mobile Legend? Here’s the explanation.


  1. Have damage big in early and late game
  2. Reliable to look after turret
  3. Can use Mage items that cause damage than X-Borg feels more painful.
  4. Own durability tall
  5. Dubbed as the most hero bars in Mobile Legends because it is very agile, has damage Big and durability


  1. Do not have crowd control as silent or stun so it is less effective to do ganking.
  2. It is difficult to lock the target because the attack is area
  3. Less reliable in doing roaming

Guide and Build X-Borg Mobile Legend

x borg mobile legends build

Following X-Borg Mobile Legend guide and build what you need to know before mobile legends novice players play this one character.

1. Build

Election X-Borg Mobile Legend build the right one will help the hero play well. This is the recommendation build the best item for X-Borg heroes that you can try.

Queen’s Wing

Queens Wing will make X-Borg have high HP and give cooldown reduction. If HP is below 30%, X-Borg will get additional blood.

Hunter Strike

Get extra movement speedUpgrade cooldown reductionand damage are a number of advantages offered by Hunter Strike items.

Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax allows X-Borg to get spell Vamp to increase HP when removing skills. In addition, this item can increase damage as well as give cooldown reduction.

Athena’s Shield

Include items defenseAthena’s Shield can be used to ward off attacks magic from the enemy effectively when team fight. Athena’ Shield also gives high HP and shield thick.

Warrior Boots

These magic shoes make the X-Borg move even faster. On the other hand, this item can be used to add armor which will be useful third team fight.

2. Battle Spell

Considering X-Borg Mobile Legend does not have skills escape, existence battle spells Flicker will be very helpful. Besides Flicker, you can choose battle spells Sprint so that X-Borg can catch up with enemies easily.

3. Emblem

Regarding emblems, X-Borg is suitable for using Custom Fighter Emblem because it will make the hero very strong both when team fight or laning. Meanwhile, the use of talent Festival of Blood makes X-Borg hard to kill.

Tips for Playing X-Borg ML Ala Oura Former Team Evos

x borg mobile legend skills

In the MPL Playoffs, one of the former Team Evos, namely Oura, used X-Borg and came out the winner. Want to know how to play the pro-style X-Borg?player? Follow the guide below.

1. Take advantage of Skills Ultimate

Last Insanity is skills ultimate X-Borg’s property that allows himself to explode and produce a large enough explosion for his surroundings. Even if I have to kill myself, but damage results are quite satisfactory. According to Oura, feel free to use skills as long as there is enough energy to remove it.

2. Use Immortality Items and Bloodlust Ax

To complete the first point, Oura suggested Immortaliy and Bloodlust Ax go inside build the item you have to use if you want to win. Immortality makes X-Borg come back to life after he is killed and can also be used to strengthen defenses from enemy attacks.

Meanwhile, Bloodlust Ax will deliver spell Vamp when X-Borg uses skills 1 to attack the enemy.

3. Count Every Action

According to the first point, you are free to use skills ultimate anytime. However, you also need to pay attention to every action here. According to Oura, before blowing yourself up, make sure you have an enemy around you so that skillsits not in vain.

4. Play Relax and Safe

Lastly, play it safe and don’t rush. Use skillsit effectively. X-Borg itself has skills capable of spitting fire at the opponent. In addition, he can also attack using missiles to produce effects crowd control. If you combine the two, then this one hero will turn out to be very tough.

Thus a full review of the advantages & disadvantages, guide, builduntil the tricks play pro-styleplayer. Hopefully the information above is useful for beginners who are playing for the first time using X-Borg Mobile Legend. Good luck!

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