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Completely Discuss Kapella Free Fire, K-Pop Stars Who Have Strong Buff Skills

Free Fire always tries to present new characters that can be played by players player. Kapella Free Fire is one of them, introduced for the first time in April 2022. This character is described as a K-Pop star who not only has a stunning voice, but also a very charming face.

Kapella Free Fire’s Full Profile

kapella free fire skill
  • Name : Kapella
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Age : 21 years old
  • Birthdate : July 17
  • Profession: Main vocalist of a K-Pop group

The existence of Kapella in the Free Fire game is Garena’s attempt to increase the popularity of this game. This fictional character is not built based on a particular character in the real world. Therefore, you will not be able to find information about Kapella Free Fire real name.

Even so, you can find out where the official song titled Pink Killer Kapella is sung by Noey and Jam JNP. The song was launched by Garena along with Kapella’s character introduction for the first time. This effort was made to strengthen image Kapella who is a K-Pop star figure.

Kapella Free Fire life background character clearly revealed in the song titled Pink Killer Kapella. This character is described as having a great love for the world of music, especially pop music. His family also recognized Kapella’s talent and wanted him to grow into a great singer in the future.

However, Kapella realized that something was wrong in his family. Instead of appreciating his talent, he considers himself to be someone the whole family takes advantage of. They wanted to take advantage of Kapella’s popularity to gain a respectable position in society.

Regardless of the situation in his family, Kapella’s singing talent has received tremendous attention from music lovers. Therefore, Kapella had no trouble finding an agency willing to work with him. However, along with his popularity, Kapella began to show hatred towards the music industry which only prioritizes popularity and money.

Even so, Kapella Free Fire character still love the world of music. When he was 18 years old, Kapella decided to leave his contract with the agency and his family. He chose to build his own band. Then he decided to donate some of his income to charity.

Skills Kapella

kapella free fire ability

As a singer, Kapella Free Fire abilities closely related to music. He has skills which is called healing song. Skills this is included as one of the abilities support strongest in Free Fire. If you use the Kapella character, you can use his ability to give buff strong to all team members.

Buff healing song function not only increases the effectiveness of the item healing. However, you can also get ability upgrades healing. By using Kapella Free Fire skillsall team members will be difficult to defeat the enemy.

Like other characters in FF, Kapella’s special abilities can be increased as the level increases. You can know the level of ability as follows:

Level 1

Healing song Level 1 can be obtained when you start using Kapella. At the basic level, skills it can give healing effect and increase item ability healing by 10%. In addition, you can also reduce the HP loss rate of team members when they are in the 20% position.

Level 2

At level 2, Kapella is able to increase the effect of items healing by 12% and skills healing by 10%. At the same time, you can reduce ally’s HP reduction rate when HP is at 22%.

Level 3

Level 3 healing song can increase the effect of the item healing to 14% and skills healing 10%. You can also reduce the HP loss of team members when HP is critical to 24%.

Level 4

Ability healing song level 4 can increase the effect of healing items by 16% as well as skills healing 10%. There is also the effect of reducing ally’s HP loss when HP’s condition is below 26%.

Level 5

Healing song You can get level 5 when the Kapella Free Fire character reaches level 6. Skills it provides an increase in the effect of the item healing by 18% and skills healing by 10%. In addition to, healing song also able to reduce the HP loss of team members when they have HP below 28%.

Level 6

Level 6 is the highest level skills healing songunlocks when Kapella’s character reaches level 8. Skills it is able to increase the effect of the item healing by 20% and skills healing by 10%. In addition, you can also reduce HP loss team members when their HP is below 30%.

Kapella Strengths and Disadvantages

kapella free fire character

Kapella is not a perfect character in games Free Fire. You will find that this character has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of Kapella Free Fire

There are 2 main advantages that you can get when playing Kapella, namely:

  1. A healing ability that can be used for all team members. With this effect, you can minimize the use of a backpack. Plus, Kapella Free Fire skills also useful for protecting members who are dying.
  2. How to use skills which is quite easy. Because it has a role as a character support, you can put Kapella on the back line. Next, you just have to activate skills when a team member needs healing.

Lack of Kapella Free Fire Characters

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the 2 main shortcomings that exist in the Kapella character, namely:

  1. Can’t play alone. Kapella is a character support which must be combined with other characters. Plus, this character will also be quite difficult if you use it to get kill.
  2. Defense is quite weak. Despite having a role as supportyou can’t put Kapella as tanker. The reason is, this character has a fairly low defensive ability and is only suitable for placing in the back.

If you look at her healing abilities, it wouldn’t be wrong to make Kapella a character support best in Free Fire. His presence can make all team members last longer.

How to get Kapella Free Fire character is also relatively easy. You can buy Kapella characters at shop at a price of 499 diamond free fire. In addition, there are also considerations to buy Kapella’s Singer Bundle which is sold for 2,500 diamonds. Alternatively, you can get Kapella for free by using events or spin luck royale.

Hopefully useful, yes.

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